Star 13

by D
(Anderson, IN)

The HAWK (Andre Dawson #8) a five tool player. He could steal bases, throw out runners, get home runs, get RBI's, and great defensively! He was the only player to win a MVP for a last place team. He is also in the Hall of Fame! If anyone should be recognized, it should be him! I would say yes to Sammy Sosa(he had great numbers) and he was also a five tool player but STEROIDS clouded that and also ruined his chance at the Hall of Fame! So I would have to say NO to Sosa's number. As for Mark Grace, pros: great glove, great average, good in clutch, He simply did things RIGHT! Cons: playing first base (I believe that you have to have power, Grace had little power), and no speed Love Gracey, but not Hall of Fame material! I do believe that Ron Santo should be in Hall of Fame!! R.I.P MR.Santo GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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