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2017 Fantasy updates about the Cubs from a Fan.

Fantasy baseball 2017

I'm getting ready to dive into the 2016 stats to determine which Cubs players I want to pick on my fantasy teams.  As noted below in how I play fantasy, I like to play the daily leagues so drafting a player to keep all year is really not what I'm looking at, but I'll still add some recommendations on that based on what the stats tell me about a certain Cubs player.

Here are some early thoughts of what I want to take a look at to begin this research:

John Jay-I really haven't looked at his statistics at all so I'll probably look at a 3 to 5 year timeframe prior to looking at last year's stats.  I know that Albert Almora hit lefties well in a small sample size with the Cubs last year so I'm hoping to see that Jay has been better against righties. 

Willson Contreras-I really want to see how Contreras did later in the year.  I know he started out very well and was a solid hitter, but did the league catch up to him some later in the year?

Javier Baez-Baez is the batter I may go even deeper into his overall hitting profile.  I saw a tweet showing the league average swing % compared to Baez swing %, it was rather disturbing.  It seems like he still may overmatched against pitchers with great command and experience to know how best to pitch to Baez.

So, this is my early brainstorm of what I want to look at in more detail.  The regular players in the Cubs lineup, I know many of the tendancies, but I will also share the research I do for those guys as well.  You should expect an update from me by January 15. I'd like to have this research done for spring training to evaluate the reports I see of who is doing what in AZ.

Go Cubs Go!!!!!
Something tells me Ernie Banks would say let's win 2, as in another World Series Championship in 2017!!

An Introduction to my Fantasy Baseball Strategy
First, I take a very heavily numbers oriented approach to fantasy baseball. My favorite single statistic to look at to determine how good a player is WRC+. It combined as many offensive categories as any other advanced statistics. WAR is another great statistic, however it includes defensive metrics as well. Defense doesn't help your team in fantasy baseball.

WRC+ also ranks players against each other with the average MLB player ranking at 100, better players above 100, less than average under 100. This makes choosing one hitter over another much simpler, in my humble opinion.

I will also refer to a player's "stat line" which represents a player's batting average, on base percentage and slugging percentage.

Why should you follow what I'm writing about? I intend to play fantasy baseball every week during the 2016 season, in many weeks, it will be everyday and I follow the Cubs very closely so you will have information that even the top fantasy baseball experts don't always have since they don't follow all 30 MLB teams on a daily basis.

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