Cubs History-1800's

The team names:
The cubs did not take that name until 1903. Prior to this, the Chicago baseball team took the following names:

1898-1902-Chicago Orphans
1890-1897-Chicago Colts
1876-1889-Chicago White Stockings

The "Championships"
I put championships in quotations because the World Series did not begin until 1903. Since the Chicago teams (White Stockings) in 1886, 1885, 1882, 1881, 1880, 1876 all finished first, they would be considered championships.

The Players
Cap Anson-Anson is widely regarded as one of the best Cubs of all time. Elected into the Hall of Fame in 1939 by the Old-timers committee. Anson had a career batting average of .334 over 27 seasons (all but the first five with the Cubs). His 3,435 hits are 6th on the current list (as of Dec/2010).
Larry Corcoran-Corcoran only pitched for the Cubs for five years, but an amazing five years it was. His record with the cubs from 1880 to 1884 was 170-83 throwing no-hitters on August 19, 1880 (6-0 against the Boston Red Caps), September 20, 1882 (5-0 against Worcester Ruby legs) and June 27, 1884 (6-0 against the Providence Grays)

Baseball Reference-Cubs Results year by year

Baseball Reference-All no-hitters

1897 June 29 Cubs set all time record for runs scored in a game in a win vs louisville colonels 36-7
1896 July 13 Ed Delahanty, phillies frist plyer ever to hit 4 HR's against Cubs 2 ninside the park
1895 June 23 Cubs team arrested Sunday observance league
1894 August 5 Fire at the West Side Grounds
1894 August 7 Bill Dahlen's 42 game hitting streak comes to an end.
1894 August 26 Pop Shriver Cartches a ball from Wash monument
1892 September 29 Lead off hitters Jimmy Ryan and Bug Holliday both hit leadoff the game HR's. Ryan 20
1889 January 1 Cubs defeat All Americas team 9-8 in Melbourne Australia
1889 March 27 Final game of World Tour All Americas in Dublin, Ireland
1888 June 21 George Van Haltren pitches a 6 inning no-hitter vs Pirates 1-0
1888 July 28 Jimmy Ryan hits for the cycle in a 21-17 win over Detroit
1888 August 14 Cubs defeat Tim Keefe to break his 19 game winning streak.
1888 December 15 Cubs play All Americas team in Sydney, Australia
1886 October 9 Final day of season, cubs clinch pennant with 12-3 win over Boston
1886 October 23 Browns win championship with 4-3 win over Cubs in 10 innings.
1885 June 6 First game at West Side Park 9-2 victory over St Louis 10,327
1885 June 25 Cubs 18 game winning streak ends, Philly 2-0
1885 October 24 Browns win championship with 13-4 win over Cubs
1884 June 27 Larry Corcoran pitches his 3rd no-hitter as a Cub, Providence 6-0, 6 K's 1 BB
1883 September 6 Cubs set ML record scoring 18 runs in 26-6 win over Detroit.
1882 September 20 Larry Corcoran pitches 2nd no-hitter Worcester 5-0 3 K's 2 BB's
1880 August 19 Larry Corcoran pitches the first Cub no-hitter. The first of 3 in Corcoran's career
1876 May 2 Ross Barnes hits first NL Home Run against Cherokee Fisher