Chicago Cubs Memories

Ok, when you see an incredible game on tv, it's a great thing, but when you see it live in person, you really do feel like you are part of history.

Here are a few of my favorite Chicago Cubs memories:

On May 11, 2000, I went to a game at Wrigley with my brother-in-law who grew up on the West coast and was a Dodger's fan. This was the game that Glenallen HIll hit a HR that may be the longest HR hit in Wrigley. He hit the ball on one of the rooftops across the street from the park. What is rather ironic about a moment like this when you would think everyone would be cheering and jumping up and down, I can remember the place being in more shock and disbelief instead. When a Cub hits a HR you usually have a frame of reference of looking into the bleachers or having it bounce off the pavement on Waveland behind the left field wall. It was a moment I will not forget anytime soon.

On June 18, 2002, the Cubs played the Texas Rangers in an interleague game. The historical significance of this game was the first time in ML history that (4) players in the 400 HR club played in the same game (Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Fred McGriff) and another player that would ultimately be in the 400 HR club and well beyond, Alex Rodriguez. A few other memorable parts of this game was that I picked up the tickets late going with some neighbors and we had the last row as high up at Wrigely Field as you can be and the Cubs won the game with a walk off HR from Alex Gonzalez against John Rocker. At the time, Rocker was considered a very controversial player for some of his antics on the field and for derogatory comments he has made. The crowd went from booing about as loudly as I've ever heard it at Wrigley (for Rocker), to one of the loudest after Gonzalez hit the HR. Go Cubs Go!!!

September 3, 2003, the Cubs are in the 4th game of a 5 game series against the St Louis Cardinals who they are battling with for the division lead. The Cubs were trailing 6-0 in the sixth inning and made a comeback that culminated in an 8-7 victory. The most memorable moments include Mark Grudzelanick's triple into right center field. I probably remember this best because it always bothered me that Jim Edmonds was considered such a great centerfielder and him playing such a shallow center, allowed that ball to go all the way to the wall. The other memorable part is that I went with some people from work that were not big Cubs fans and we actually left after the 8th inning, but I do remember hearing the roars of the crowd and someone having a radio with the game on outside the stadium as we were getting to the car and finding out the Edmonds struck out to end the game!!! I don't think I could've written a better ending!!! Go Cubs Go!!

Cubs vs Cardinals September 3, 2003 Box Score

June 1, 2007
I was at the game when Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett got into a fight in the dugout.  Although, watching from the stands, prior to smartphones, I was not even aware that anything had happened until listening to the post game show on the radio.

I did wonder what was going on when both Zambrano and Barrett were removed from the game in one inning.  I can still remember commenting that I had no idea who Koyie Hill was, Barrett's replacement at catcher, when he came into the game to replace Barrett.   

October 13, 2015
A very memorable day in Cubs history.  The first time the Cubs have ever clinched a postseason series victory in Wrigley Field.  Game 5 of the NLDS versus the rival, St. Louis Cardinals. 

John Lackey who had shut down the Cubs in Game 1 of the series was pitching for the Cardinals, but the Cubs got to him early when Jason Hammel drove in a run prior to a big 3-run home run by Javier Baez. 

Of course, the most dramatic home run of this game is the "Schwarbomb", Kyle Schwarber's home run that ended up lodged on top of the right field scoreboard.  At least early into the 2016 season, the Cubs put the famous home run ball in an enclosed case to protect it from the weather. 

Watching the Cubs celebrate on the mound is certainly a moment I won't soon forget.

2015 Celebration at Wrigley Field after Game 4 Victory

An important single by Jason Hammel in front of Javier Baez 3-run home run

Javier Baez 3-run home run

Kyle Schwarber's home run that landed on right field scoreboard