Chicago Cubs by Month-May

The month of May is when baseball starts to get into full swing. Many memorable moments in Cubs history. Ernie Bank's 500th home run, Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout performance in his 1998 rookie year and Fergie Jenkins strikes out his 3,000 batter.

May 1, 1880 

The first walk off game in MLB history as Cubs defeat the Cincinnati Reds 4-3 in Cincy.   Yes, the game was in Cincy rather than Chicago.  In 1880, a coin flip determined which team batted first.  

May 2, 1917 

The only game in MLB history with double no-hitters after 9 innings by Hippo Vaughn of Cubs and Fred Toney of Reds Vaughn gives up a hit and a run in 10th as Toney completess a 10 inning no-hitter, 1-0 at Weeghman Park.

Cubs History-May 2

May 2, 1917-Double No-Hitter Game

May 2, 1975  

Burt Hooton traded to Dodgers for Geoff Zahn and Eddie Solomon

May 2, 1876 

Ross Barnes hits first NL Home Run against Cherokee Fisher

May 3, 1966 

Cubs play on Astroturf for the first time losing 10-2 to the Astros in the Houston Astrodome.

May 3, 1930

Charlie Root pitches a 10 inning shuotout for a 1-0 vicotory and doubles and scores winning run.

May 4, 1970

Ernie Banks hits his 500th HR of ML career off Pat Jarvis in a 4-3 win in 11 innings over the Braves at Wrigley Field.

May 4, 1974
Cubs trail entering the ninth inning 2-0 when Carmen Fanzone reaches base on an error by Darrel Chaney and Billy Williams drives him home with a single. Jerry Morales than ties the game driving Williams home with a triple.

Billy Williams sends Cubs fans home happy in the 11th inning with walk-off HR against Fred Norman.

Rick Reuschel pitches 2 scoreless innings in relief to get the win. Cubs win 3-2.

Cubs History-May 4

May 4, 1960

PK Wrigley replaces manager, Charlie Grimm with radio announcer, Lou Boudreau. Boudreau would remain the Cubs manager through that season only before returning to announce Cubs games for WGN.

May 5, 2001

Cubs crush the Dodgers 20-1 at Wrigley Field scoring 8 runs in both the 7th and 8th inning. The first team to score this many runs in consecutive innings since 1928.           

May 5, 1946
Cubs score 11 runs in the 7th inning.  Cubs pitcher, Hank Borowy who pitched a complete
game, drives in 4 runs with 2 doubles in the inning. 

Andy Pafko homers as the Cubs defeat the Phillies 13-1 at Wrigley Field.

Cubs History-May 5

May 6, 1998

In just his 5th MLB start, Kerry Wood strikes out 20 Houston Astros and shuts out the Astros on just one hit.  One of the greatest pitched games in MLB history.  

Kerry Wood 20 Strikeouts

Starlin CastroStarlin Castro

May 7, 2010

What a debut for Cubs shortstop, Starlin Castro.  The 20 year old drives in 6 runs in his MLB debut as the Cubs defeat the Reds 14-5 at Great American Ballpark.  Mike Fontenot hit a grand slam.  

Starlin Castro Debut

May 7, 1992

Sammy Sosa hits his first home run as a Cub in a 9-2 win over the Astros at Wrigley Field.

May 7, 1941

Bill Lee, Cubs pitcher hits 2 HR's in a 11-2 win over the phillies. Lee does not hit another HR for the rest of his career through 1947

May 7, 1934

Bill Lee's MLB debut is a 4 hit shutout.

May 7, 1906

Cubs are 16-6 and win 10th in a row, 3-2 over Pirates

May 9, 1993

Mark Grace hits for the cycle (single, double, triple and home run) in a Cubs loss to the Padres at Wrigley 5-4.

May 10, 1971

Cubs first game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.  Fergie Jenkins strikes out 12 and gets the win, 4-0

May 11, 2000

The Cubs and the Brewers set a record for the longest nine-inning game with a 4 hr 22 minute game in Wrigley. Brewers defeat Cubs 14-8.

May 12, 1959

Roberto Clemente's long HR in Wrigley Field estimated to be 500 feet nearly hits the left side of the scoreboard in center field.

May 12, 1945

Dramatic 13-12 victory over Boston after Cubs were trailing 10-3. A six-run seventh and Bill Nicholson's 9th inning HR completed the comeback victory.

May 12, 1935

Pitcher, Lou Warneke defeats Braves 4-1 and goes 4 for 4 at the plate.

May 12, 1955

Sam Jones pitches a no-hitter, walking the first 3 batters in the ninth before striking out the last 3 to close out the no-hitter. Jones becomes the first African-American to throw a no-hitter in MLB history.

May 12, 1969

Fergie Jenkins pitches a 5-hit shutout vs Padres at Wrigley.  From May 11 to May 16, Cubs pitchers give up just 2 runs that includes 4 complete game shutouts in 5 games.  Ken Holtzman on May 10 and May 16 and Dick Selma on May 13.  

Cubs History-May 12

May 13, 1996
At Wrigley Field, Brian Hunter leads off the game for the Astros with a single, the only hit for the Astros all day as Steve Trachsel pitches a complete game 1-hitter. 

Sammy Sosa & Luis Gonzalez hit home runs for the Cubs in the 6-0 victory. 

Cubs History-May 13

May 13, 2002

2 Brewers hit grand slams in a 13-4 victory over the Cubs in Wrigley Field. Paul Casanova and Richie Sexson hit the slams.

May 13, 1991

3 generations of Caray's are in the booth together in a 5-3 loss to the Braves in Wrigley Field. Harry, Skip and Chip.

May 14, 2000

Eric Young steals 5 bases, the first post 1900 Cub to do so as the Expos defeat the Cubs 16-15 in a wild game at Olympic Stadium.

May 14, 1989

Lloyd Mcclendon hits HR in first at bat as a Cub.  Cubs defeat Braves 4-0 at Wrigley Field.

May 14, 1978

Dave Kingman hits 3 HR's and drives in 8 in a 10-7 win over Dodgers in 15 innings in Los Angeles.

May 15, 2003

Cubs pitchers tie a NL record for most strikeouts in a game with 24 in a 17 inning victory over the Brewers 4-2 in Miller Park. Corey Patterson's HR in the 17th inning ties the latest HR with Keithe Moreland. 

Don CardwellDon Cardwell

May 15, 1960

Don Cardwell, in his first game pitched for the Chicago Cubs, pitches a no-hitter defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 in the 2nd game of a double-header. Cardwell walked just one batter, Alex Grammas with just one out in the first inning and retired the next 26 batters.

May 16, 1996
Great Cubs debut for 22-year old, Amaury Telemaco, as he gives up just one hit over 7
innings in a 13-1 win over the Astros. 

May 16, 1996

Sammy Sosa becomes first Cub ever to hit 2 HR's in one inning.

May 16, 1972

Rick Monday hits 3 home runs against the Phillies in an 8-1 Cubs victory.   

May 16, 1954

 Future broadcaster, Joe Garagiola gets 5 hits in a 12-3 victory over the Pirates at Forbes Field.

May 17, 1979

Phillies 23 Cubs 22

Many great hitting days for Cubs with the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field.   Dave Kingman hits 3 HR's and drove in 6 runs, Bill Buckner had 7 RBI's. Mike Schmidt hit his 2nd HR of the day to win the game in the 10th inning with a HR off Bruce Sutter.

May 18, 1990

Ryne Sandberg's ML record errorless streak at second base ends at 123 games with an error in a 7-0 win in Houston over Astros.

May 19

Happy Birthday, Turk Wendell

May 19, 1971
Billy Williams hits 2 home runs and drives in 6 runs. Glenn Beckert has 4 hits and 2 runs
scored and Fergie Jenkins pitches a complete game to defeat the Giants and Steve Stone.

Cubs History-May 19

May 20, 2001

Julio Zuleta copies the movie "Major League" and Pedro Cerrano and practices voodoo to try to stop a Cubs losing streak. Go figure, the Cubs win to break an 8 game losing streak and start a 12 game winning streak.

May 20, 1996

Cubs play Braves in Atlanta for the first time. Losing 12-2 to the Braves.

May 20, 1935

Babe Ruth's first appearance at Wrigley Field as a NL player. Goes 0 for 2, but hits a HR the next day.

May 20, 2006

The Cubs vs White Sox rivalry is alive and well as Michael Barrett and AJ Piersynski get into one of the more well-known baseball fights in recent history.

May 21, 1993

Cubs play Florida Marlins for the first time and lose 5-3 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami.

May 21, 1914

Johnny Evers first appearance in Chicago as an opposing player. Braves defeat Cubs 3-1, Evers has a single in 2 at bats

May 21, 1908

1907 World Championship banner raised

May 22, 2002

Mark Prior MLB debut is a good one as he goes 6 innings against the Pirates giving up 2 runs and stiriking out 10 in a 7-4 victory at Wrigley

May 22, 1990

Andre Dawson is intentionally walked a ML reocord 5 times by future Cubs manager, Lou Piniella's.  The moves ultimately don't pay off as the Cubs defeat the Reds 2-1 in 16 innings at Wrigley Field.  On the subject of MLB managers, the batter in the line-up behind Andre Dawson is future manager, Lloyd McClendon. 

May 23, 1969
At San Diego Stadium, Cubs defeat the Padres 6-0.  Dick Selma pitches a 2-hit complete game shutout.

May 24, 2001

Jon Lieber throws a one-hit shutout against the Cincy Reds 3-0 at Wrigley. The shutout also breaks a consecutive game streak of the Reds without being shutout

On May 25, 2001, Kerry Wood follows up Lieber's 1-hitter with another 1-hit shutout.  

Cubs History-May 24

May 24, 2001

Jon Lieber throws a one-hit shutout against the Cincy Reds 3-0 at Wrigley. The shutout also breaks a consecutive game streak of the Reds without being shutout

May 24, 1957

Frank Ernaga first MLB game is a good one as he hits a HR and a triple in his first 2 at bats against future hall of Famer Warren Spahn

May 25, 2001

Kerry Wood backs up Jon Lieber's one-hitter with a one-hitter of his own as the Cubs defeat the Milwaukee Brewers. Wood strikes out 14 batters.

Dick DrottDick Drott

May 26, 1957
20 year old, Cubs Pitcher, Dick Drott strikes out 15 Milwaukee Braves (Drott strikes out Braves
HOF, Hank Aaron 3 times and Eddie Matthews once).  He pitches a complete game at Wrigley Field and gets the win as Cubs defeat Braves 7-5. 

Drott will win 15 games for the Cubs, but it is his best season with the team.  He leaves the team when he is selected as the 7th pick in the expansion draft by the Houston Colt 45's in 1961.  

Cubs History-May 26

Cliff JohnsonCliff Johnson

May 28,, 1980, 14 innings
On this day, the Cubs and Expos began a game that ends with a Cliff Johnson walk-off grand slam in the 14th inning.  Johnson's grand slam was hit on 8/8/80 to complete this suspended game.  Both teams score runs in the 12th inning, the Cubs on a Barry Foote RBI double. 

May 28, 2001

Cubs pitchers combine to strike out 18 batters in a 9-6 win over the Cincy Reds in Cincy. Cubs win 8th straight game.

May 29, 1962

Cubs lose to Braves 12-9, but Ernie Banks first game back from being hit in the head with a pitch sees him hit a double and 3 home runs. Also, Buck O'Neill joins the Cubs coaching staff becoming the first African American coach in major league baseball history.

May 30, 1907

Cubs sweep Pirates in a DH, 7-1, 6-4 to take a lead in the pennant chase that they will not relinquish on to NL pennant

May 30, 1906

Jack Pfeister K's 17 batters in 15 innings.  Pfeister's season helps the Cubs to the 1906 World Series.  His record was 20-8 with a 1.51 ERA and 153 strikeouts. 

May 30, 1904

Tell Frank Chance that baseball isn't a contact sport as he gets hit by a pitch 5 times in a doubleheader.  Cubs win the first game 7-2, but lose the 2nd 5-2.

May 31, 2003

The Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros play the longest 1-0 game in major league history with the game going 16 innings. Sammy Sosa drove in the winning run with a single and Cubs pitchers allow just 6 hits in 16 innings at Wrigley Field to record the shutout victory.

Jeff PicoJeff Pico

May 31, 1998

Jeff Pico pitches a compelete game shutout in his MLB debut.