Chicago Cubs by Month-December

December 1, 1931 (reword)
Cubs trade future Hall of Famer Hack Wilson to the Cardinals

December 1, 1882
The birthday of Cubs Pitcher, Ed Reulbach

December 2, 1965
Cubs pitcher Lindy McDaniel and OF Don Landrum are traded to the San Francisco Giants for C Randy Hundley and P Bill Hands.

December 2, 1996
Cubs sign shortstop Shawon Dunston, bringing him back to Wrigley Field

December 2, 2010
A very sad day in Cubs history as Cubs great, Ron Santo passes away. In 2011, Santo will get elected to the Hall of Fame.

December 3, 1972
Jose Cardenal traded to the Cubs

December 4
Happy birthday to Lee Smith and Kyle Lohse

2011 December 5
Ron Santo elected to the Hall of Fame

1988 December 5
Cubs trade Rafael Palmeiro and Jamie Moyer and Drew Hall to Rangers for Mitch Wiliams and 5 other players.

1973 December 6
Randy Hundley traded to Twins for George Mitterwald

1990 December 6
George Bell signs with the Cubs

Decmber 6
Happy Birthday, Larry Bowa

1983 December 7
Scott Sanderson who helped the Cubs get to the 1984 playoffs was traded to the Cubs for among other players, Carmello Martinez and Craig Lefferts

1998 December 8
Cubs sign Catcher, Benito Santiago

2011 December 8
The first trade in the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer management of the Cubs is former first round draft pick, OF Tyler Colvin and infielder, DJ Lemieheu for infielder Ian Stewart and pitcher, Casey Weathers

December 8 birthdays
Reed Johnson & Josh Donaldson-Cubs draft pick, traded to the A's for Rich Harden

2000 December 8
Long-time Cub favorite Mark Grace signs a contract to play for the Arizona Diamondbacks. On the bright side, for Mark Grace fans, he is able to get a World Series ring the next year with the D'backs.

1987 December 8
Cubs trade Lee Smith to Red Sox for Al Nipper and Calvin Shchiraldi.

1941 December 8
Cubs donate materials that were supposed to be for night games at Wrigley Field. Cubs do not install lihgts until 8/8/88

1992 December 9
Greg Maddux signs wih Braves

1992 December 9
Andre Dawson signs with Red Sox.

1980 December 9
Cubs trade Bruce Sutter for Leon Durham

1931 December 9
Hack Wilson traded to the Cardinals

1999 December 9
The Cubs sign Catcher, Joe Girardi, a Northwestern graduate who won a World Series title both as a player and manager with the New York yankees December 10 to 19

December 11, 1912
Cubs trade Joe Tinker to the Reds to break up Tinker to Evers double play combo.

December 12, 1903
3 Finger Brown traded to Cubs

December 13, 1970
Bears play their final game at Wrigley Field defeating the GB Pakcers 35-17

December 15, 1988
Cubs play All Americas team in Sydney, Australia

December 17, 1933
A championship victory at Wrigley Field, Bears defeat NY Giant s to win NFL championship 23-21

December 19, 2001
The Cubs sign free agent, Moises Alou

December 19, 1934
Joe Dimaggio signs with Yankees. Cubs could have signed him instead. Dec 20 to Dec 26

1960 December 21
College of Coaches

1963 December 29
Bears defeat Giants 14-10 in NFC Championship game at Wrigley Field.

1973 December Cubs trade Ron Santo to White Sox for Steve Stone

December 31, 2008
Cubs trade fan favorite, Mark Derosa to the Indians for Chris Archer, John Gaub & Jeff Stevens