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The Cubs have played in the stadium we all know now as Wrigley Field, but it wasn't named that until February of 1926 (Sorry, I can't seem to find a specific date the name was changed).

Wrigley Field was originally built for the Chicago Whales of the Chicago Federal League. It was called Weeghman Park prior to the Cubs starting playing there in 1916. The name was later changed to Cubs Park from 1920 to 1926 before the name was changed to Wrigley Field in 1926.

Wrigley Field Trivia

On September 29, 1925, Wrigley Field opened, however it was not in Chicago. Not even in Illinois. Where was the "Other Wrigley Field" located? Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answer.

For those of you who have not have the chance to see this historic park in person, here is a You Tube video that has a nice tour of Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Field History-Important Dates

2008 January 1 NHL Winter Classic @ Wrigley Field-Blackhawks/Red Wings

2003 October 14 The Bartman game. Cubs lose game 6 to the Marlins 8-3.

1990 July 10 All-Star game played at Wrigley Field, American League defeats National League 2-0

1988 August 8 First scheduled night game @ Wrigley Field, postponed due to rain

1988 August 8 First scheduled night game at Wrigley is rained out.

1988 August 9 First completed night game at Wrigley Field. Cubs defeat Mets 6-4.

1970 December 13 Bears play their final game at Wrigley Feidl defeating the GB Pakcers 35-17

1962 July 30 All-Star game played at Wrigley Field. American League defeats National League 9-4

1947 July 8 Wrigley Field hosts the all-star game for the first time. AL wins the game 2-1.

1945 October 6 curse of the Billy Goat. Tigers defeat Cubs in game 4 of the World Series, 4-1.

1945 October 10 Last World Series game played at Wrigley Field. Cubs lose game 7 to Detroit Tigers 9-3

1941 December 8 Cubs donate materials that were supposed to be for night games at Wrigley Field. Cubs do not install lihgts until 8/8/88

1932 October 1 Babe Ruth's "called shot" at Wrigley in game 3 of the World Series.

1913 December Charles Weegman signs deed for property at Clark/Addison

Wrigley Trivia Answer

William Wrigley owned the minor league team in the Pacific Coast League named the Angels so when their new stadium was built, it was named Wrigley Field. The stadium was located in Los Angeles, California. More information soon on this little known Wrigley Field on the left coast.

Wrigley Field LA

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