Wrigley Field Scoreboard

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL 08/2005

Photo courtesy of Nate Yolles, Flickr

Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs are have one of the two manually operated scoreboard in major league baseball today (Boston Red Sox have the other). The scoreboard was built in 1937 when President, Bill Veeck installed the new bleachers in Wrigley.

I caught a Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee in 2011 and was very impressed with Milwaukee's new state of the art scoreboard that had statistics for each player coming up including how they did against the pitcher they were facing and many other features. While I remain a fan of modern technology and progress in this way, the Cubs scoreboard is still a great thing to see. While being very old and with limited capability of showing highlights of the game, very detailed statistics and other things that sports fanatics crave, the antiquated scoreboard really does give you everything you need to watch the game. If the Cubs are battling the Cardinals for the division lead and the Card are playing somewhere else during a Cubs game, you can see what is happening inning by inning with the scoreboard showing each run scored by inning for every major league game. Even some of the new scoreboards don't share this feature. It's great anticipation when you're watching another game closely when you see that there is a long delay between a new score being posted. From experience watching this, you realize that a long inning potentially means a lot of runs scored. And when you see a "3" pop up that puts the other team ahead of the rival Cardinals, the Wrigley crowd is usually watching close enough that a lot of applause follows this score being posted.

The Cubs do offer a small electronic scoreboard below the historic landmark that is great for announcing birthdays of fans, groups visiting Wrigley Field and trivia and games like guessing the attendance for that day. So, it is possible to keep the old charm of the stadium in tact while adding some of the more modern conveniences.

Len Kasper and Bob Brenley, Chicago Cubs announcers take a tour behind the Wrigley Scoreboard

Another short clip of someone flipping the scorecards to update the score of the Cubs game

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