Wrigley Field Los Angeles

One of my favorite Chicago Cubs trivia question is where is the "other Wrigley Field". Even very hardcore Cubs fan have no idea that there was another Wrigley Field back in the early 20th century.

the story of Wrigly Field Los Angeles is very compelling.

William K Wrigley not only owned the chicago Cubs, but also the Los Angeles Angels, a minor league baseball team with the Pacific Coast League (PCL). The first game was played on September 16, 1925.

Photo Courtesy of Library of Congress

the First Night Game at Wrigley
While the Wrigley Field we know in Chicago was late in getting lights installed, the Los Angeles team was an early adopter of playing night games, playing their first night game on July 22, 1930 against Sacramento (the Angels won the game 5-4 in 11 innings).

Another very exciting part of Wrigley Field Los Angeles history is that many popular movies were filmed at the West coast Wrigley. "Pride of the Yankees", the Lou Gehrig story of his battle with ALS is widely considered one of the best baseball movies of all time and was filmed at Wrigley. Ronald Reagan had a role in "The Winning Team" that was also filmed in Wrigley Field LA.

Mr Cub
Even Ernie Banks made an appearance at the Wrigley Field Los Angeles, participating in the television series, The Gillette Home Run Derby. Other Hall of Famers that participated in this event included Hank Aaron, Harmon Killebrew, and Duke Snider.

Other Events
Wrigley Field Los Angeles was also home to other major league baseball teams for Spring training, high school football games, boxing matches and exhibition baseball games were also held at the West coast Wrigley.


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