Travis Wood

Travis WoodTravis Wood

Birthday: Feburary 6
All-star in 2013 (Cubs)

December 23, 2011
Cubs trade Sean Marshall to the Reds for Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt & Ronald Torreyes

2016 Cubs World Series champion

July 1, 2010
Travis Wood's MLB debut is against the Cubs in a 3-2 Reds victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field.  He also collects his first major league hit with an infield single in the 4th inning.  Wood pitched well, giving up just 2 runs on
2 hits in 7 innings.  He did not get a decision in the game. 

In 2013, Travis Wood had 24 quality starts (at least 6 innings pitched, giving up 3 earned runs or fewer) out of 32 total starts he had for the team
that year.  His 24 quality starts was tied for 4th best in the National League.

Most pitchers do not hit very well, but Travis Wood is an exception to this.  He has 9 regular season and one postseason home run.  His 10 home runs rank him 3rd on the current list of most home runs by a pitcher, behind only Madison Bumgarner & Yovanni Gallardo (after 2016 season).

Most Home Runs by Pitchers Wiki"

Joe Maddon liked using Travis Wood in various ways due to his athletic ability. Maddon would use him as a pinch runner, pinch hitter, but he also got really creative when he decided to let him both pitch and play left field in an inning. The move was done to allow Maddon to bring in a different pitcher who was a better matchup with the current hitter. Moving Wood to left field allowed Maddon to let Wood pitch to other hitters later in the game. Wood, a left-handed pitcher, was more effective against left-handed hitters.

July 31, 2016

October 8, 2016
Game 2 of NLDS
The Cubs had many heroes in the various games they won in the 2016 playoffs. It was Travis Wood's turn in game 2. On the mound, Wood needed to get out of a rally after replacing Kyle Hendricks due to injury. Wood got out of the jam and than offensively, Wood hit a home run to help the Cubs get the victory over the Giants at Wrigley Field.

Travis Wood discussing his dramatic home run. The 2nd relief pitcher in MLB history to hit a home run in a postseason game. The first was Ruby Ryan in 1924.

Highlight of Travis Wood's home run against the Giants in Game 2 of the NLDS.