Top 25 Games @ Wrigley Field

The Top 5 Games At Wrigley Field


May 6, 1998
Kerry Wood 20K’s

In only his 5th major league start, Kerry Wood made history striking out 20 Houston Astros in one of the most dominating pitching performances in major league baseball history. Not many may remember, it was not only a 2-0 shutout victory for Wood and the Cubs, but a one-hit shutout. The only hit was an infield single by Rickey Gutierrez, who later played for the Cubs, on a play that it appeared that 3B Kevin Orie could’ve made.

October 4, 2003

Game 6 NLCS, the Bartman Game

Sorry, Cubs fans, this is a tough one, but it is the game that can’t be forgotten. Cubs lead in the 8th inning, 5 outs away from a trip to the World Series when Luis Castilo has a long at bat, following off pitch after pitch against Mark Prior when he lofts a foul fly ball to left field. Moises Alou tries to catch a ball reaching into the stands that Steve Bartman is also trying to catch. What would’ve happened had Alou made the catch instead? We’ll never know for sure. The Marlins score 8 runs in that 8th inning including a big hit by future Cub, Derrek Lee. This was game 6 so the Cubs had their chance with Kerry Wood in Game 7 who even hit a home run in that game, but it wasn’t enough as the Marlins went on to the 2003 World Series where they defeated the New York Yankees. There are a few video series about this game and the events before, during and after the game, but I really do like the Alex Gibney’s “Catching Hell”. Here is video#4 of 10 that shows highlights of the game, interviews with people sitting near Bartman and footage of Bernie Mac signing the 7th inning stretch saying “Champs” rather than Cubs while singing the song.

October 1, 1932
Babe Ruth's Called shot in the 1932 World Series

Yankees defeat the Cubs 7-5 in Game 3 of the World Series. Lou Gerhig hit 2 home runs and Babe Ruth hit 2 home runs, but this game is known for one of the most debated and memorable moments in all of major league baseball.
Back in 1932, there wasn’t a lot of great photo and video, but there are certainy photos and videos that show Ruth making a gesture from the batter’s box while batting against the Cubs, Charlie Root.

The video below has various interviews that debate whether Ruth called his shot or was gesturing to the Cubs dugout. Many interviews have uncovered that there was a lot of banter back and forth between Ruth and the Cubs player’s in the dugout.
Here is a great clip of one of the greatest debates in all of baseball and Cubs history!

June 23, 1984
"The Sandberg Game"

The day that Ryne Sandberg became known to all of baseball. Back in the day, the Saturday “Game of the Week” was the national stage for baseball (along with Monday Night Baseball) and Sandberg’s performance that day was worthy of that stage. The Cubs losing in the ninth inning, Sandberg hits a home run against one of the best relief pitchers of the time, Bruce Sutter. The Cubs are losing again in the tenth and Sandberg hits another home run off Sutter again to tie the game for a second time.

You won’t see it on this video, but the Cubs do win the game but the hero this time is a little-known Cubs infielder named Dave Owen. A great way to end a truly memorable game @ Wrigley Field.

This moment and 1984 really does reflect a turning point for the team and Wrigley Field. I’ve grown up seeing the Cubs struggle to win, but having a fan base that always came out to watch the Cubs, Day Baseball and Wrigley Field. Well, the team didn’t always this kind of success in the attendance area. Had Dallas Green not put together a team with player’s like Ryne Sandberg, Gary Matthews and others, who knows how history would see this team & Wrigley Field.

September 28, 1938
Gabby Hartnett's "Homer in the Gloamin”

Gabby Hartnett’s home run to win the game against the pennant contending Pittsburgh Pirates is truly one of the greatest in the history of baseball. The Cubs were 1/2 game behind the Pirates in their race to the World Series. Since Wrigley Field did not have lights in 1938, a game called by darkness would be considered a tie and a new game would be played all over again.

The Cubs had already had a difficult time making up games and were frantically trying to make ground against the Pirates who had an 8 1/2 game lead over the Cubs in August.

Hartnett, who was also named manager during the 1938 season, came to bat in the ninth while night was coming in very quickly (there are photos of Hartnett crossing home plate that show how dark it was). His home run came against Mace Brown, a great pitcher who finished 9th in the MVP voting in 1938 only 2 pitchers, Bill Lee and Paul Derringer got more votes as the best pitcher.

The Cubs went on to win the division and face the New York Yankees in the World Series. Another great Yankee team led by Lou Gerhrig and Joe Dimaggio prevented the Cubs yet again from a World Series title.

This moment also needs to be remembered because, often, when great Cubs are brought up, Gabby Hartnett is overlooked quite often, in my opinion. Yes, he played a long time ago, but he is truly one of the greatest catchers to ever play the game along with one of the greatest Cubs of all time.

1938:"Homer in the Gloamin'" from Chicago Tribune on Vimeo.