Riggs Stephenson

Photo from Library of Congress.  Riggs Stephenson, Hack Wilson and Earl Webb pictured (right to left).

Riggs Stephenson
Born:  January 5, 1898
Died: November 15, 1985
Played with the Cubs from 1926 to 1934
Played left field, second base, and third base
Batted over .300 for the Cubs from 1926 to 1933
Led National League in doubles in 1927 with 46
Played in 2 World Series for the Cubs (1929, 1932) batting .378 with 7 RBI and 2 doubles in these 2 Series that the Cubs lost.

The modern day comparable player, at least by the statistics, seems to be Mark Grace.  A doubles hitter who didn't hit a lot of home runs, but batted well enough to drive in a lot of runs for a hitter without much power (Stephenson drove in a career high 110 runs with just 17 home runs in 1929

Mark Grace's RBI career high was 98 with just 14 home runs in 1993.

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