Rick Monday

Birthday: November 20
Chicago Cubs 1972 to 1976
Best Year:  1976 with Cubs
All Star 1968 and 1978
November 29, 1971: Traded by the Oakland Athletics to the Chicago Cubs for Ken Holtzman.
January 11, 1977: Traded by the Chicago Cubs with Mike Garman to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Jeff Albert (minors), Bill Buckner and Ivan de Jesus

Rick Monday Flag Rescue

Rick Monday saving the Flag

May 16, 1972

Rick Monday hits 3 Home runs vs the Philadelphia Phillies in a 8-1 win.

Rick Monday Saves the Flag

April 25, 1976
Dodger stadium was the scene of the more memorable moments in baseball history.  Two individuals get out onto the field bringing an American flag,
matches and lighter fluid.  They proceed to lay the flag out in middle of the field, put lighter fluid on the flag and intend to light it when Rick
Monday comes in at the very moment they are about to set fire to the flag.  Monday and his wife have raised funds for veteran's groups over the year
at various events showing the very flag he saved and talking about this incident.

Monday singing with Dodgers teammates

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