May 2, 1917
Double No-Hitter

Reds 1 Cubs 0
10 Innings

Double No-hitterDouble No-hitter

the Cubs have just 3 players in their team history (as of the 2017 season) who have thrown more than one no-hitter (Larry Corcoran, Ken Holtzman & Jake Arrieta).  1972 is the only year that the Cubs had 2 no-hitters in the same season (Burt Hooton and Milt Pappas).  the point here, no-hitters are very rare.  So when the Cubs and Reds went to the 10th inning on May 2, 1917 with no hits by either team, this event is incredibly rare.  So rare, in fact, that 100 years later, no major league game has had both pitchers with a no-hitter after 9 innings. 

Fred Toney, Cinncinatti Reds
Fred Toney was able to complete the 10 inning no-hitter, allowing just 2 walks to Cubs outfielder, Cy Williams.

Hippo Vaughn, Chicago Cubs
Hippo Vaughn was the tough luck loser in this game.  He allowed just 2 walks through the first 9 innings and no hits.  He struck out 10 batters in the game. 

The 10th inning:

The Reds, Larry Kopf broke up Vaughn's no-hitter with a single.  He advanced to third base, when after 2 outs,  Cy Williams dropped a fly ball hit by the Reds Hal Chase (who managed Hippo Vaughn while both were with the New York Highlanders).  With Kopf on third base, the Reds, Jim Thorpe (yes, the Olympian gold member winner, Jim Thorpe), hit a ground ball on the infield that was fielded by Vaughn who attempted to throw home to get Kopf out, however Cubs catcher Art Wilson was not prepared for the throw and the ball hit him in the shoulder.  The Reds had the first and only run of the game and Thorpe's weak ground ball even counts as the 2nd hit off Vaughn.

Fred Toney had some drama to complete the 10 inning no-hitter and secure a Reds victory.  Cubs hitter, Fred Merkle hit a deep drive to left field that Manuel Cueto caught with his back to the wall at Weeghan Park (Wrigley Field).   Toney faced Cy Williams, the only Cubs batter to reach base in the game with 2 outs.  After the count went to 3-2, for some unknown reason, the umpire, Albert Orth let play continue with a ball that had been scuffed after being fouled off.   Toney's curve ball was swung and missed by Cy Wilson and the only recorded "double no-hitter" in MLB history came to an
end with a 1-0 Reds victory.


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