Marlon Byrd

Spring Training 2010: Mike Fontenot and Marlon Byrd

Mike Fontenot and Marlon Byrd

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Birthday: August 30
Drafted: June 2, 1999 by Philadelphia Phillies
Debut: September 8, 2002

December 31, 2009:

Cubs sign Marlon Byrd as free agent

July 5, 2010:

Marlon Byrd named as only Chicago Cub to 2010 All Star game

April 21, 2012:

Cubs trade Marlon Byrd to Boston Red Sox for Michael Bowden and a player to be named later

Marlon Byrd is one of my favorite chicago Cubs. He just plays the game the right way. He crowds the plate when he bats to help him cover the plate better and doesn't get intimidated by pitcher's throwing inside, he has finished in the top ten twice in being hit by pitches twice. One of his most memorable moments was being hit in the face with a pitch against the Boston Red Sox. A few videos below of that pitch, a few great catches and a play that many Cub fans will remember in the All-Star game.

Marlon Byrd's great play at the 2010 All Star Game

Another great catch by Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd Highlights

Caution-graphic video of Marlon Byrd being hit in the face with a pitched ball.