Jimmy Ryan

Jimmy RyanJimmy Ryan

Jimmy Ryan

Birthday: February 11

Died: October 29, 1923

Chicago White Stockings/Colts/Orphans (1885-1900)

Jimmy Ryan's 16 year career with the team make him a team career leader in many categories.  As a leadoff hitter for many years, his 20 lead-off the game home runs was a Cubs record until Alfonso Soriano broke it in 2012.  His 29 game hitting streak is one of the longest in Cubs history as well.  

  • 2084 Hits, 8th in team history
  • 38.0 Offensive WAR, 10th in team history
  • .308 Batting average, Tied for 13th (Mark Grace) in team history
  • .377 OBP, 15th in team history
  • 1410 Runs Scored, 2nd in team history
  • 362 Doubles, 8th in team history
  • 142 Triples, 1st in team history
  • 914 RBI, 9th in team history
  • 684 Walks, 12th in team history
  • 370 Stolen Bases, 3rd in team history

This Day in Chicago Cubs History-Jimmy Ryan

September 8, 1886

Jimmy Ryan's grand slam helps the Chicago White Stockings (Cubs) defeat the Giants 12-3 at West Side Park.


September 13, 1887

Cubs defeat the Phillies 16-13 at West Side Park (Chicago).  Jimmy Ryan draws 3 walks, has a single, double and a home run and also pitches from the 6th inning to the end of the game.  


July 28, 1888

Jimmy Ryan hits for the cycle in a 21-17 White Stockings (Cubs) victory over Detroit at West Side Park (Chicago).  Ryan also comes in to pitch in the 2nd inning and pitches into the 9th inning.   


August 17, 1890

Jimmy Ryan's grand slam helps the Colts (Cubs) defeat Washington 8-5 at West Side Park (Chicago)


May 15, 1891

Jimmy Ryan's lead off the game home run helps the Colts (Cubs) defeat the Dodgers 12-11 at West Side Park (Chicago) 

July 1, 1891

Jimmy Ryan hits for the cycle for the 2nd time in his career (the first and only Cubs hitter to do this) to help the Colts (Cubs) defeat Cleveland at West Side Park (Chicago).

July 2, 1891

Jimmy Ryan gets 4 hits for 2nd straight day and the Colts (Cubs) defeat Cleveland 20-5 at South Side Park  (Chicago).

August 25, 1891

At South Side Park, the Colts (Cubs) defeat the Dodgers 28-5.  Jimmy Ryan leads off the game with a home run.  


May 28, 1892

In New York, the Colts (Cubs) defeat the Giants 10-4.  Lead off hitter, Jimmy Ryan walks 5 times in his 5 plate appearances.

August 13, 1892

Jimmy Ryan's hitting streak is extended to 29 games in a Colts (Cubs) 6-2 loss to Cleveland at South Side Park (Chicago).

September 29, 1892

Jimmy Ryan of the Colts (Cubs) hits a leadoff home run and the Reds, Bug Holliday leads off the 1st inning with a home run as well.  Colts (Cubs) win 10-4 in Cincinnati.  


May 4, 1894

In the Colts (Cubs) home opener at West Side Park (Chicago),   Jimmy Ryan has 4 hits to defeat the Reds 6-4.  


August 24, 1895

In Washington, Jimmy Ryan's grand slam helps the Colts (Cubs) defeat the Senators 9-8 in a game shortened to 7 innings due to darkness.  


August 8, 1900

The Phillies defeat the Cubs 5-3 at West Side Park (Chicago).  Jimmy Ryan steals 4 bases in the loss.