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Jeff SamardzijaJeff Samardzija

By the Metrics, Who Compares to Jeff Samardzija in Cubs History??

Jeff Samrdzija's career WAR as a Cubs pitcher was 7.0.  Who compares to Jeff Samrdzija in Cubs history?  I took a look at Cubs pitchers that have earned close to the same as Samrdzija's 7.0 WAR.  I also wanted to include ERA+, a measure that compares each pitcher to all pitchers in MLB at the time they played.  Samardzija came up to an exact league average, 100. I thought this was rather impressive considering that Samardzija spent some time with the Cubs in their bullpen sort of figuring out how to be an MLB starting pitcher.  Those years that he struggled are calculated in to his overall WAR as a Cubs pitcher so once he did "figure it out" at the major league level, he would be better than league average. 

3 Cubs pitchers from the past needed more innings to match Samardzija's7.0 WAR and were all slighly below league average, Dennis Lamp, Hank Borowy & Don Cardwell.  Cardwell pitched a no-hitter for the Cubs, Borowy won 21 games in 1945 when the Cubs went to the World Series.  I thought it was interesting that 3 Cubs pitchers approaching Samrdzija's 7.0 WAR all had an ERA+ greater than 110.  Matt Garza, who pitched with Samrdzija had a 114 ERA+ as a Cub and his 6.7 WAR in much fewer innings than Samrdzija shows Garza to be better than Samrdzija in his Cubs career.  Lefty Tyler, who pitched for the 1918 Cubs World Series had a 117 ERA+ and Jaime Navarro had a short, but productive Cubs career with a 116 ERA+ and nearly matching Samardzija's 7.0 WAR in just 2 seasons with the Cubs.

Birthday;  January 23

Signed by the Cubs on June 20, 2006
In 2005, as a wide receiver for the Notre Dame football team, Samardzija was named All American, leading the conference with 77 catches, 1249 yards and 15 TD's.

March 3, 2013

Named opening day starter by manager, Dale Sveum
July 2, 2012 Samardzija strikes out a career-high 11 Atlanta Braves in a 4-1 Victory over the Braves at Turner Field

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