Getting to Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Address
1060 West Addison
Shuttle: corner of Addison and Western Ave
(weekend and night games)

So, the history of the Cubs, Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville, the neighborhood around Wrigley Field gives the team a certain charm that other major league baseball teams do not, however, these same characteristics makes getting to Wrigley Field , Parking at Wrigley Field and other things very difficult.

To help you prepare, here a few tips about getting to Wrigley Field that I have learned over the years whether you're geting there by car or public transportation along with links that should help you customize your own trip to Wrigley. And trust me, preparation is key!!

I mention preparation because whatever means of transportation you use, getting to Wrigley early is your best option. Wrigley Field attendance is typically over 30,000 fans so logistically, that many people going to the same place cause traffics jams which you are not immune to you on public transportation (I've spent an hour on a bus to travel 10 to 12 blocks).

Parking at Wrigley Field

For parking, you are relying on what's available at the time you get to the park. The rates will go up as you arrive closer to game time. It's not unusual to pay twice as much for the same parking spot you paid had you arrived to Wrigley anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour before game time (Most home day games begin at 1:20 Central time). For this reason, public transportation and the CTA is my best suggestion to get to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

The CTA is a train system that follows many Chicago highways. They are color coated for identification and the best one for Wrigley Field is the "Red Line". It has a stop at "Addison" that stops just walking distance to the entrance at Wrigley.

I'm familiar with the "Blue Line". It has 2 stops that can get you to Wrigley Field by adding a bus ride to your trip. You can stop at the "Addison"
stop that connects to the "152" bus to get you close enough to walk to the stadium.

You can also use the "Irving Park" station (this station is located down the stairs from the platform at the Northwest Metra stop) to connect to the #80 bus that includes what they call an "express" (80X) that doesn't stop as often, but when you are approaching game time, the express feature that they promote really doesn't save you much, if any time. My suggestion is if you have a chance to jump on the 80 train that is not an expresss first, take that option.