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Geovany Soto, Rick Wilkens & Michael Barrett

A few good comparisons at Cubs catcher for Geovany Soto are Cubs catchers from both the 2000's, Michael Barrett and one from 1990's, Rick Wilkens

Soto did have a longer Cubs career than these 2 (2097 PA's to Barrett's 1632 and Wikens 1567).  The WRC+ is what is most interesting, the 3 are just 2 points apart (Barrett-108, Soto-107 & Wilkens-106) so all 3 were slightly above average league hitters which is actually quite impressive since the position of catcher is not typically a strong offensive position (relative to OF, 1B and others).  

Another interesting part of this comparison is that Wilkens and Soto really had 1 great offensive season.  Looking at single seasons for catchers, here is how Wilkens 1993 season and Soto's 2008 Rookie of the Year season ranked all-time for Cubs catchers.

  • Rick Wilkens 1993 season was incredible, he had a 6.7 WAR, the best by a Cubs catcher in over 100 years (King Kelly had a 7.6 WAR in 1886, and even he split his time as catcher and outfielder)
  • Geovany Soto's 3.7 WAR in 2008 is tied for 13th best for a Cubs catcher in team history
  • Michael Barrett's best season was 2005.  He had a 2.9 WAR, tied for 30th among all Cubs catchers seasons in team history (these rankings are after the 2017 MLB season).

Geovany Soto's Chicago Cubs career started off quickly as a end of the year call up from the minor leagues in 2007, Soto showed great promise and landed a spot on the Cubs playoff roster against the Arizona Diamondbacks hitting a home run in a game 2 loss.  With 2008 being another Cubs playoff team, Soto earned Rookie of the Year honors hitting 23 home runs, driving in 86 runs and hitting .285.  This ended up being Soto's best year with the Cubs before being traded to the Texas Rangers in July of 2012.

Birthday: January 20
Signed June 26, 2001
Debut: September 23, 2005
June 5, 2001: Drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 11th round of the 2001 amateur draft.
Signed June 26, 2001
July 31, 2012: Traded to the Texas Rangers 

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