Studio 42 with 3 Cubs HOF'ers

Bob Costas interview with Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg

Hey, Cubs fans, the MLB channel had a great interview with Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg.

A few of the highlights for me:

Harry Carey stories:
Sandberg comments on Harry making a comment after he ends up on 2nd base on a ball that gets lost in the sun and drops into short right field that Sandberg is so good he even takes advantage of the Sun.

Fergie chimes in about how Harry couldn't pronounce Cubs catcher, Carlos Villaneuva's name.

Sandberg mentioned how his name got mis-pronounced along with others in a game that included Jim Sundberg, Ron Santo (in the stands) and Scott Sanderson.

On being a first ballot Hall of Famer It was an interesting conversation about none of the 3 Cubs greats being first ballot Hall of Famer's. Jenkins was overlooked by players like Carl Yastremzski, Joe Morgan and Jim Palmer. It was surprising to be reminded that it even took Ryno 3 years to get the nod to the Hall.

On day baseball being a deterrent to the Cubs winning Costas did ask a very relevant question about whether or not the Cubs are at a disadvantage by playing so many of their games during the day while most other teams play predominantly night games. Even in 2011, the Cubs play significantly more day games than other teams, but for all 3 of these players, most if not all, Wrigley home games were day games (Fergie played during the era prior to night baseball at Wrigley). Sandberg and Dawson played before and after night baseball first game to Wrigley so they would have a unique perspective on this topic. It may be bad to characterize it this way, but none of the Cubs "took the bait" to acknowledge the Cubs are at a disadvantage by playing more night games. I suspect that even if they did think it makes a difference, they have too much pride to blame a lack of success on something like day baseball. Sandberg commented on the 1984 being a great team that was just maybe one or two player's short of that goal of a World Series victory. In closing, it is great to be a Cubs fan with such great past Cub players. They were all not only great baseball players, but genuine people that are great ambassador's for the game of baseball.

Ryne Sandberg on Andre Dawson during his Hall of Fame speech.

Fergie Jenkins discussing the black cat at Shae Stadium

Interesting to listen to Andre Dawson & Ryne Sandberg discussing a Cubs World Series prior to 2016

Andre Dawson Hall of Fame induction speech (You Tube)