Cubs History by Decade

In an attempt to make this site easier to navigate, this page will be your link to each decade in Chicago Cubs history.

The Pre-1900's

The cubs are one of the original teams in the first year of organized baseball in 1876. Early on, the great Cub players include Hall of Famer, Cap Anson and pitcher, Larry Corcoran who throws 3 career no-hitters.

Cubs History, 1800s

The 1900's (1900 to 1909)
These have to be considered the glory years for the Cubs. Tinkers to Evers to Chance, back to back World Series championships in 1907 and 1908.

Cubs History 1900's

The 1910's (1910 to 1919)
Wrigley Field is built, the championship team that included Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance are broken up, but the Cubs do maintain their winning ways getting to the World Series in 1918, losing to the Boston Red Sox and Babe Ruth as a pitcher. Merkle's boner is one of the more memorable moments in Cubs and MLB history.

Cubs History 1910s

The 1920's (1920 to 1929)
The highest scoring game in MLB history, Cap Anson passes away, Rogers Hornsby joins the Cubs and the Cubs end the decade with another World Series loss in 1929 this time to the Philadelphia A's.

Cubs History 1920s

The 1930's (1930 to 1939) Another very successful decade for Cubs teams even if it doesn't include any World Series championships, the Cubs do get to 3 World Series, but lose to the New York Yankees with Babe Ruth's called shot (1932) and to the Yankees again in 1938 while the Detroit Tigers defeat the Cubs in 1935. Hack Wilson has one of the best seasons in MLB history with 56 HR's and 191 RBI's in 1930.

Cubs History 1930s

The 1940's (1940 to 1949) The last Cubs World Series to date in 1945 ends with a Detroit Tigers victory. The Curse of the Billy Goat becomes part of Chicago Cubs lore. The team intends to bring lights to Wrigley Field but instead donate the materials to the war effort.

Cubs History 1940s

The 1950's (1950 to 1959) The team's lean years begin with the one bright spot being a young shortstop named Ernie Banks joins the team.

Cubs History 1950s

The 1960's (1960 to 1969) The Cubs assemble some great teams with great players that can't seem to break through. Long time favorites Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins provide many great memories but no playoff appearances. Lou Brock is traded by the Cubs to the Cardinals.

Cubs History 1960s

The 1970's (1970 to 1979) As the great players from the 60's retire or move on to other teams, the team struggles to maintain their winning ways. Bill Madlock, Bill Buckner and Dave Kingman bring the team some hope and good memories. Rick Monday's memorable moment where he saves an American flag from being burned at Wrigley Field.

Cubs History 1970s

The 1980's (1980 to 1989) Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg joins the team in perhaps the best trade in the history of the Cubs. Cursed again in 1984 after a 2-0 playoff series lead and only one game away from an elusive World Series, Leon Durham's error and Steve Garvey heroics keep the Cubs "waiting til next year". Mark Grace joins Sandberg to lead the team to an exciting 1989 season and a playoff appearance against the San Francisco Giants and Will Clark that is very memorable indeed even if it does end in an all too familiar way for long-suffering Cubs fans. Great long-time Cubs Greg Maddux and Andre Dawson join the team and the first night game at Wrigley Field on 8/8/1988 ends in a rain-out.

Cubs History 1980s

The 1990's (1990 to 1999) Ryne Sandberg retires and comes back to the team. A great trade with the White Sox brings Sammy Sosa to the Cubs who helps lead the team to a 1998 playoff appearance. Kerry Wood breaks in with the team with a bang striking out 20 batters in only his 5th career start and helping to lead the team to the 1998 playoffs after taking Rookie of the Year honors. Sammy Sosa has a memorable race with mark Mcgwire with both surpassing Roger Maris all-time HR record. Mcgwire gets the record beating Sammy 70 to 66, but Sosa takes the MVP and a playoff appearance.

Cubs History 1990's

The 2000's (2000 to 2010) The Cubs make 3 playoff appearances in 2003, 2007 and 2008. Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior lead the Cubs to an exciting 2003 season that ends with another Cubs memorable ending as game 6 ends tragically with the Steve Bartman incident and the Florida Marlins take the 2003 World Series. The Tribune company sells the team to Sam Zell as a temporary owner until 2010 when the Ricketts family assumes ownership of the team. The decade ends troubling with an underachieving overpaid team. Starlin Castro and Tyler Colvin are the bright spots for the team entering the 2010's and beyond.

Cubs History 2000s