Cubs History 1940's

The Cubs 1945 season was their last World Series appearance. One of the few most famous Cubs Curses occurred when William Sianis tried to bring a goat into Wrigley Field for one of the World Series game. The Curse of the Billy Goat says that Sianis put a curse on the Cubs that seems to have worked through the 2010 season.

WGN airs its first Cubs game with Jack Brickhouse behind the microphone. Wrigley hosts the All-Star game in 1947.

The Cubs donate light standards that were to be used at Wrigley Field for the war effort in 1941. The Cubs become the last major league team to install lights at their home park for night games in the 1980s.

Phil Cavaretta, Bill Nicholson, Stan Hack and Andy Pafko are a few of the best Cubs hitters with Claude Paussau being a top pitcher.

1949 April 23 The Cubs integrated their minor league system in 1949 with the signing of pitcher, Booker McDaniel.
1948 April 16 WGN airs its first Cubs game, White Sox defeat the Cubs 4-1 in an exhibition game. Jack Brickhouse announces the game with Bert Wilson doing the play-by-play.
1948 August 30 PK Wrigley apologizes to fan in paid advertisemnt in all Chicago newspapers.
1948 December Dave Kingman B-Day
1947 July 8 Wrigley Field hosts the all-star game for the first time. AL wins the game 2-1.
1947 Cubs recorded a club record low 22 stolen bases.
1946 July 9 Cubs mgr, Charlie Grimm manages the NL all-star team to a 12-0 loss to the AL.
1945 April 25 Claude Passau hits a HR and pitches a shutout to beat the Reds 4-0 in Cincy.
1945 May 12 Dramatic 13-12 victory over Boston after Cubs were trailing 10-3. A six-run seventh and Bill Nicholson's 9th inning HR completed the comeback victory.
1945 July 3 Cubs bury Boston Braves with a 24-2 victory in Boston.
1945 July 8 Cubs defeat Phillies (in Philadelphia) in a doubleheader sweep 12-6 and 9-2 for their 9th and 10th consecutive win which puts them in first place in the division.
1945 July 27 Cubs make a key acquisition picking picking up Hank Bowry from the New York Yankees for $97,000. Bowry had an 11-2 record with a 2.13 ERA over the final two months to help the Cubs win the pennant.
1945 August 30 Stan Hack collects his 2000 hit with a single off Preacher Roe in Pittsburgh.
1945 September 17 Bill Nicholsen sets a NL record for most putouts by a RF with 10
1945 September 29 Cubs clinch pennant in game 1 of a doubleheader against Pittsburgh in ?Wrigley Field. 4-3 victory
1945 October 3 Cubs win game one of WS, Cubs 9 Tigers 0
1945 October 4 Tigers win game two of WS, Tigers 4 Cubs 1
1945 October 5 Cubs win game three of WS, Cubs 3 Tigers 0. Claude Passau pitches a one-hitter.
1945 October 6 Tigers win game four of WS, Tigers 4 Cubs 1
1945 October 6 Curse of the Billy Goat
1945 October 7 Tigers win game five of WS, Tigers 8 Cubs 4
1945 October 8 Cubs win game six of WS, Cubs 8 Tigers 7, 12 innings
1945 October 8 Tigers losing pitcher was Dizzy Trout, father of Cubs pitcher Steve Trout from 1983 through 1987
1945 October 10 Tigers win game 7of WS, Tigers 9 Cubs 3, Tigers win WS.
1945 Cubs have a 21-1 record against the Cincy Reds for the 1945 season.
1944 July 23 Bill Nicholsen hits 3 HR"s in the first game of a doubleheader against the New York Giants (in New York) and than Homers in his 4th consecutive at bat in game 2 of the doubleheader.
1943 February 20 PK Wrigley announces formation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
1943 ?? ?? A League of their own night game.
1942 June 1 Cubs purchase Jimmy Foxx who at the time had 524 HR's at the age of 34. Foxx hit just .191 with 3 HR"s in 225 at bats from 1942 through 1944
1941 May 7 Bill Lee, Cubs pitcher hits 2 HR's in a 11-2 win over the phillies. Lee does not hit another HR for the rest of his career through 1947
1941 December Cubs donate lights
1941 December 8 Cubs donate materials that were supposed to be for night games at Wrigley Field. Cubs do not install lihgts until 8/8/88