Cubs Trivia

The Cubs won their first world series championship since the early 1900's in 2016.  It was certainly a great decade for the team.  

Q1) Which Cubs player stole the most bases in the 2010's (2010-2019)

Q2) Which Cub player had the highest batting average in the 2010's (minimum 1000 plate appearances)

Q3) In the 2016 playoffs, 2 Cubs pitchers hit home runs in the same series.  Can you name the pitcher and the team they hit them off of? 

Q4) In 2008, the Cubs traded a future AL MVP.  Who was this MVP?

Q5) Prior to the 2014 season, the Cubs signed a free agent pitcher, than traded him during the season and re-signed him at the end of the year after the season was over. 


Q1) Starlin Castro (75)

Q2) Kris Bryant (.284)

Q3) Jake Arrieta & Travis Wood both homered in the NL Divisional series against the San Francisco Giants

Q4) Cubs traded 2015 AL MVP,  Josh Donaldson, Sean Gallagher, Matt
Murton & Eric Patterson to the A's for Chad Gaudin & Rich Harden.
Donaldson was a Cubs minor league catcher who hadn't played an MLB
game with the Cubs. 

Q5) Jason Hammell