Chicago Cubs Trades

November 7, 1928
A great move by the Cubs picking up Rogers Hornsby from the Boston Braves. Hornsby hits .380 with 39 home runs and 149 RBI helping to lead the 1929 Cubs to the World Series.

November 25, 2003
The Cubs go out and get one of the players that helped defeat them in the 2003 playoffs as the Cubs send promising young 1B, Hee Seop Choi to the Florida Marlins for Derrek Lee

The Great Trades

November 7, 1928 The Cubs pick up Rogers Hornsby, who wins MVP in 1929 and helps lead the Cubs to the World Series.

October 24, 1975  The Cubs trade an all-time great, Fergie Jenkins, but get back Bill Madlock who wins 2 batting titles with the Cubs. 

January 11, 1977 Rick Monday to the Dodgers for Bill Buckner and Ivan Dejesus.  Monday was a great player for the Cubs, but Buckner was even better and Dejesus was later traded to the Phillies to bring Ryne Sandberg to the Cubs.   

January 27, 1982 Difficult to argue that there is a better trade for the Cubs in their history as Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa come to the Cubs for Ivan Dejesus (traded to the Phillies).  Thank you, Dallas Green.

December 7, 1983 Scott Sanderson to the Cubs for Carmello Martinez Craig Lefferts.  Sanderson will be part of the 1984 rotation that leaves the Cubs just one win short of a World Series appearance.  

June 13, 1984 Dallas Green pulls the trigger on a great trade when he trades top prospect, Joe Carter (who goes on to have a very good MLB career), Mel Hall and 2 other players for Rick Sutcliffe, Ron Hassey & George Frazier.  Sutcliffe will win 16 of his 17 decisions down the last stretch of the season, win the Cy Young Award and the Cubs are just one victory away from a World Series.  

July 23, 2003  The Cubs are a playoff contender and this move with the Pirates puts the team over the top as Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton join the team.  Both players will have immediate impact and help lead the Cubs to a team that falls just 5 outs short of a World Series.  The trade sent Bobby Hill & Matt Hernandez to the Pirates.  

November 25, 2003

A few months after picking up Aramis Ramirez, the Cubs pick up a guy who will be in the middle of the Cubs order with him as they send Mike Nannini & Hee Seop Choi to the Marlins for Derrek Lee.

The Trades for 2016 World Series Champion Players

January 6, 2012

The Cubs trade Andrew Cashner & Kyung Min Na to the Padres for Zach Cates and Anthony Rizzo

July 31, 2012

Cubs trade Ryan Dempster to the Texas Rangers for Kyle Hendricks & Christian Villanueva.

July 2, 2013

The Cubs trade Scott Feldman & Steve Clevenger to the Orioles for Pedro Strop & Jake Arrieta.

July 25, 2016

Cubs trade Gleybor Torres, Adam Warren, Rashad Crawford & Billy McKinney for Aroldis Chapman.


Interesting Trades

December 11, 1973 Two future Cubs announcers are traded for each other as Ron Santo is traded to the Chicago White Sox for Steve Stone.

February 2, 2005  Sammy Sosa is traded to the Baltimore Orioles for a future Cubs fan favorite, Mike Fontenot

December 5, 1988 Jamie Moyer and Rafael Palmeiro for Mitch Williams.  Many other players involved in this deal.  Mitch Williams helps lead the 1989 Cubs to the playoffs while Palmeiro and Moyer have great, long careers with other teams.   

The Worst Trade

June 15, 1964

the Cubs trade young outfielder, Lou Brock to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ernie Broglio.  Broglio has very little impact on the Cubs while Brock goes on to a Hall of Fame career in St. Louis.

More Trades

March 30, 1992 The Cubs trade George Bell to the Chicago White Sox and get Sammy Sosa in return.  Sosa will finish with over 600 home runs and help the Cubs to the 1998 and 2003 playoffs

December 3, 1972 Jose Cardenal to the Cubs

Great Cub Careers Come to and End

February 11, 1976 Bill Madlock is traded away, a great third baseman and the Cubs do get 2 good players in return,  Bobby Murcer & Steve Ontiveros

November 7, 1973  Cubs great second baseman Glenn Beckert is traded to the San Diego Padres for Jerry Morales

November 9, 1912 Frank Chance is sold to Reds

December 6, 1973 Cubs Catcher, Randy Hundley is traded to the Minnesota Twins for George Mitterwald

December 9, 1931 Hack Wilson traded to Cardinals

December 9, 1980 Bruce Sutter traded to Cardinals for Leon Durham

December 8, 1987 Lee Smith to Red Sox Al Nipper Calvn Schiraldi

Derrek Lee
Anthony Rizzo
Jake Arrieta