Cubs Owners

Well, I'm calling this page Cubs Owners, but really it is more Cubs Owners and management. After researching this topic, I realized they are very intertwined. For example, currently, the Ricketts are the owners and most of the family is also in management and have a hand in the day to day operations of the team along with others that were involved in the management of the team under the Tribune company (ie.. Crane Kenney).

The current Cub ownership and management team

Tom Ricketts-owner, chairman of the board
Crane Kenney-President, Business Operations

Theo Epstein-President, Baseball Operations
Jed Hoyer, General Manager

Over the years, other prominent owners and management are as follow:

William Hulbert is regarded as the first Cubs owner when he paid $20,000 for interest in the team in June, 1875. Prior to that, the Cubs were organized by a local group of residents who pooled $20,000 to form the Chicago White Stockings in 1870.

Charles Murphy is the owner that brought the Cubs to the last World Series victories in 1907 and 1908. Murphy joined the team as president with the help of financing from Charles P Taft in 1905 and remained the owner til 1913.

Charles Weeghman's name is forever linked to the Cubs after building the stadium we all know today as Wrigley Field for the Chicago Whales of the Federal League.

The two names most well-known for Cubs ownership are the Wrigley's and Veeck's. William Wrigley Jr first got ownerhip in the team in 1925 purchasing the team from Albert Lasker. The team remained with the family after William's under the direction Phillip (PK) Wrigley who's claim to fame is having the idea for ivy on the outfield wall. After PK Wrigley passed William Wrigley III took over until the family sold the team to The Tribune Company in 1977 for 20.5 million dollars.

Charles Murphy 1906 to 1913 Charles Phelps Taft (Murphy sold to Taft in 1913)

William Wrigley Jr purchased the Cubs from Albert Lasker in 1925

Chicago Cubs General Managers Seasons

Charles "Boots" Weber
1934 - 1940

James Gallagher
1940 - 1949

Wid Matthews
1950 - 1956

John Holland
1957 - 1975

E.R. "Salty" Saltwell
1976 - 1976

Bob Kennedy
1977 - 05-1981

Herman Franks
05-1981 - 10-1981

Dallas Green
10-1981 - 10-1987

Jim Frey
11-1987 - 10-1991

Larry Himes
10-1991 - 10-1994

Ed Lynch
10-1994 - 07-2000

Andy MacPhail
07-2000 - 07-2002

Jim Hendry
07-2002 - 10-2011

Jed Hoyer

10-2011 to present

William Wrigley

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