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The Cubs Convention tickets went on sale on September 26, 2015. It didn't take long for them to sell out. Getting your tickets (and hotel accommodations at the Sheraton) early will increase your chances of going to the event. It is very likely that you will pay over the standard price if you do not purchase early.

Chicago Cubs Convention Ceremony
The Convention kicks off with a pep rally type of event. The players come out being announced. I've only attended at the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field and it was quite an experience. That year, Cubs players wore various uniforms from past Cubs years and Anthony Rizzo wore the 1914 ChiFeds uniform. I can't recommend any event to get a Cubs fan fired up for a new season than opening night at Cubs Convention.

Cubs Convention Autographs
In 2015, I decided to try a little harder to get autographs and it was a success. The lines were long and I didn't get a seat in the opening ceremony, but I did get an autographed photo from Arismendy Alcantara and Addison Russell & Kyle Schwarber signed baseballs. Pictures of them below.

Plan your day well to maximize the player autographs you want and to get as many as you can. There is always a good mix of Cubs alumni from years past, current Cubs players and minor leaguers that are typically guys that will be playing at Wrigley Field very soon.

Chicago Cubs Convention Tips
The best tips I can give to getting the most out of Cubs Convention is to plan very early, work with your friends and watch the clock very closely.

When the Convention begins on Saturday morning, there are panel presentations beginning in multiple rooms, various stages with Cubs players signing autographs and vendors selling Cubs memorabilia and other items. Knowing what you and your friends want to see the most is very important to attending the panel presentations you want & getting the best autographs. If you do go to the event with multiple people, sometimes its not a bad idea to split up and try to save seats for others. The rooms do not have enough seats to accommodate everyone so you may be standing otherwise. Finally, planning ahead for meals is also very important. The hotel does offer food, but it is similar to most hotels where the price is higher than what you would pay other places. Have a good breakfast, bring a few snacks and a bottled water will likely help you see more at Cubs Convention.

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