Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Film

Spoiler alert on this movie, the Cubs win the World Series!!! 

Actor, Vince Vaughn is given credit as narrator on this movie, but you hear Ben Zobrist nearly as much as he is giving his input on an amazing Cubs World Series victory in 2016.

Cubs Players talking about the 2016 World Series:

The video is very engaging by showing highlights of each game with players talking about how they were feeling during the game, the ups and downs and the pressure of the various situations, and there were many in a long, hardly fought seven game series that certainly went down to the final out. 

Ben Zobrist spreaks more than any player, but other Cubs that have appearances include: manager,  Joe Maddon, pitchers Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, Aroldis Chapman & Justin Grimm.  Cubs everyday lineup players include Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, Kris Bryant, Dexter Fowler & Javier Baez.

the Game Action:

The replay of this game is incredible.  MLB must've had many camera's at both Progressive Field and Wrigley Field filming to get the amazing footage that they had in the video.  I really like watching the slow motion replays of a batter hitting a ball. It is so close up that you can literally see how the bat bends after the hitter makes contact.  A runner steals a base and the footage is so detailed that you see clearly the dirt that kicks up during the play. 

the Stories and the fans:

The video does a great job of showing 2 teams that have fans that have waited a long time for a World Series victory.  The Indians last World Series Championship team was in 1948 so combined with the Cubs 108 year World Series drought, the 2 teams combined for 176 years without a World Series Championship.  the video is filled with clips prior to each game showing fans
excited about their favorite team, clips of packed Chicago bars with excited Cubs fans.  Each game has a very unique story line that is rather engaging as well.  I've put a headline for each that gives you a little idea of the theme for each game that is shown in the video. 

The 2016 World Series victory by the Cubs will be one remembered for a long time, not only for the history of the Cubs ending their long drought, but the World Series really is one of the greatest in MLB history.  I would say that it compares very favorably to the Diamondbacks victory over the Yankees in 2001 which also went 7 games and ended with a walk-off hit. 

It really is a must have for every Cubs fan.  The DVD does have a few extra bonus video for anyone that has seen the movie either at the premeir in Chicago at the Civic Opera House or on FS1.  It also provides a code to download the movie so that you can watch it on any device that you prefer. 

2016 World Series Champions: The Chicago Cubs

Game 1:
176 years of futility
Corey Kluber shut down the Cubs in game 1 of the series for a 6-0 victory.  The video has many interviews with Kluber, the Cubs Jon Lester and Indians Andrew Miller discussing the details of the game.

Game 2:
The Schwarber Story
Kyle Schwarber blew out his knee in April of 2016 and did not play again for the Cubs the rest of the season, but as the Cubs progressed in the playoffs, and Schwarber's rehabilitation was coming along, the doctors cleared him to hit in the World Series.  This meant that Schwarber would be limited to the designated hitter role which also meant he could only play the 4 games in Cleveland.  Hitting is a game of timing and major league baseball is the highest level so most hitters would struggle early to return from injury and hit as well as they would after playing a full season.  Well, Kyle Schwarber is an amazing hitter, after being out of game play for over 6 months, Schwarber was able to contribute in the Cubs lineup and in this game drove in 2 runs and his enthusiasm seemed to be a catalyst for the Cubs as they tie the Series at 1 games each. The Series heads to Chicago for games 3, 4 and 5.

Game 3
the first World Series in Chicago since 1945 (71 years)
There is no living member of any Cubs player that played in the 1945 World Series, but there are still long-standing Cubs fans that did watch the Cubs play in 1945 that were at Wrigley Field for Game 3.  The footage of Cubs fans outside of the stadium was amazing.  As a Cubs fan myself, I was getting excited as if I was there myself. 

The Cubs lost a difficult game 3 in a low scoring game, 1-0.  Another story of this game was Indians pitcher, Josh Tomlin.  His father had surgery just a few months earlier and is paralyzed from the waist down, but attended the game at Wrigley Field.  the interviews with Tomlin and his dad is very inspirational and reminds us all that baseball is great, but it is just a game.  Congratulations to the indians and Josh Tomlin on a big win.  Indians
lead the Series 2 games to 1.

Game 4
The Hometown Villian-the Jason Kipnis story

Jason Kipnis is a very good hitter for the Indians and he grew up a Cubs fan in Northbrook Illinois.  Kipnis is also featured quite often in this video talking about the games. Game 4 was a big game for him.  He got a hit early in the game and scored an early run for the Indians and put the game out of reach with a big 3-run home run.  And now the story, are the Cubs cursed again?  They are now down 3 games to 1 after losing 2 games in a row at Wrigley Field.

Game 5
71 year wait is over.  A world Series victory at Wrigley Field

The first part of this video, the dreaded "Cubs Curse" does come up.  Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, David Ross, Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, DAvid Ross & Anthony Rizzo discuss being down 3 games to 1. 

Another story line develops in this game as Cubs manager, Joe Maddon uses Aroldis Chapman in the 7th inning to close out the game.  During the season and throughout Chapman's career, he has primarily been a 9th inning closer type.  Chapman gets the job done, the Cubs get their first World Series victory in 71 years, the Cubs get to celebrate in their "party room" at Wrigley with the motto "We Never quit" and the Series moves to Cleveland for games 6 and 7.

Game 6
"It's Our Time"

Jake Arrieta pitches great in game 6, the Cubs bats come alive as Kris Bryant homers, Addison Russell hits a Grand Slam and Indians outfielders misplay a fly ball in right field that leads to more Cubs runs. Dexter Fowler's comments "it's our time" seems to be the theme for this game.  Even with a big lead, Maddon again goes to Chapman early in the game making you wonder how long he can continue to be effective pitching more innings than he is used to.  the Indians have a similar story line for game 7 as Corey Kluber will start his 3rd game of the series going on just 3 days rest, something he is not used to doing as well.

Game 7
One of the greatest World Series game ever!!  Cubs win the World Series
Even a 10-1 game with no drama would be an amazing game if the Cubs end their 108 year drought, but as a few players said "you know that this victory wasn't going to be easy".  Early on, it looked like it would.  Dexter Fowler leads off the game with a home run to get Cubs fans excited, the Cubs finally get to Corey Kluber who won both of the games he starter in this series versus the Cubs and after Javier Baez homered, the Cubs had a 5-1 lead. 

As a cubs fan, it's difficult to say good things about the other team that you're trying to beat, but the Indians played an incredible series and a few plays go different ways, they could've easily won this World series.  They deserve a lot of credit for how great they played and the emotion they showed throughout the series. The Cubs motto is "We Never quit".  Game 7 was certainl one where the Indians were trying to take that motto away from the Cubs.

The Indians came back to score 2 runs to make the score 5-3 due in part to an error by David Ross and a wild pitch by JOn Lester, both players who had just been brought into the game.  Ross, played in his final major league game, gave the Cubs a 6-3 lead with a home run.  When Maddon took Lester out of the game in the 8th inning, he was continuing his trend of bringing in closer, Aroldis Chapman early.  It worked twice, the third time was not a charm as Chapman gave up a hit to drive in the 4th run and when Rajai Davis hit a 2-run home run, an early Cubs lead was gone.  the score was tied 6-6.  Cubs players and fans alike, are asking the question "is it happening again???". 

there are few things in sports more exciting than a World Series game 7 going into extra innings.  A storm front was coming through Cleveland and I can rememember hearing that the storm may be long and severe.  The possiblity of this game ending tied 6-6 and being played the next day was a possibility.  Surprisingly, the rain delay was very short, just enough time for Cubs free agent signing Jason Heyward, who struggled at bat all year long, called a team meeting in the weight room.  Ben Zobrist and Dexter Fowler describe the first such meeting the Cubs had all year long.  the rain delay ended, the Cubs felt confidant and the amazing 10th inning was underway.  Kyle Schwarber started in with a single, Joe Maddon made an important move to have Albert Almora pinch run for the not fully recovered Schwarber.  Kris Bryant drove a deep fly ball to center field and Almora was able to tag up and get to 2nd base. This led to an intentional walk to Anthony Rizzo.  Ben Zobrist gets the big hit, driving in Almora and sending Rizzo to third.  rizzo scores on a hit by Miguel Montero.  Each run was important as the Indians scored a run in the bottom of the `10th inning before Mike Montgomery gets Michael Martinez to ground out to Kris Bryant, the Cubs are World Champions!!

The video also continues exclusive footage of the Cubs parade in downtown Chicago 2 days after the historic victory.  The scene at the end with zobrist, Rizzo, Maddon talking about things that didn't exist in 1908 (pop up toasters, Wrigley Field, the Titanic, etc...).

the story about the Cubs, 108 years, David Ross and this Series can't be written.  It really happened and Cubs fans will cherish the year 2016 forever.