Bill Dahlen

Birthday:  January 5

Bill Dahlen played so long ago, he never really did play for the "Cubs" because the Chicago National League club in his day was named the "Colts" instead.

Dahlen was a great hitter and a speed guy who got on base a lot and scored a lot of runs.  His career average with the team was .299 with a .384 on base percentage.

His 42 game hitting streak in 1894 remains the 4th longest in MLB history after the 2016 season.  Only Joe Dimaggio, Willie Keeler & Pete Rose have longer hitting streaks than Bill Dahlen.

A very consistent hitter every year with Chicago, Dahlen's best years seem to be 1894 and 1896.  In 1894, he batted .359 with 15 HR, 108 RBI, 150 runs scored and 43 stolen bases.

In 1896, Dahlen batted .352 with a 137 runs scored, 19 triples, 9 home runs and 74 RBI and 51 stolen bases.