About Me

Do I really need to do this page? I guess if I want a whole lot of people to visit and enjoy this site, it might be nice if everyone knows a little about me.

My name is Mark and as a kid, I was given a whole lot of baseball cards from a relative and quickly adopted the Cubs as my favorite team catching games on WGN whenever I could. Since than, I've been to around 100 games. Watched the day Ryne Sandberg became a star hitting 2 home runs against Bruce Sutter, suffered through Leon Durham's error against the Padres in the 1984 NL playoffs, the rise and fall of Sammy Sosa, the Bartman game in 2003 when the Cubs were within 5 outs of their first World Series since 1945 and many other rough years.

I like baseball more than other sports primarily because of the little nuances, the strategy and the little things that make it such a great game. I guess you can say I'm a rather cerebral type of fan. When I find out that Ryan Theriot once broke up a no-hitter against Mark Prior (former Cub teammates) in the College World Series, it makes me smile. So, when I searched around the web for a resource that showed what happened each day in Chicago Cubs history and couldn't find one, I thought why shouldn't I try to get it done!!

I recognize that other Cubs fans like the long home runs, the fights, arguments with the umpires (I didn't say I don't like these parts of the game also!!) and let's face it there are some that like to hang out at Wrigley and know very little about the game. All Cubs fans are welcome here and my goal is to give every fan something you'll enjoy!!

For the diehard fan, you will learn something you didn't know from this site. One of the great things about baseball is that everyone has opinions. Who's the best Cub of all time? Which Cubs tradition is great 7th inning stretch, "Go Cubs Go" and which should go? I want this site to be interactive and fun so that all Cubs fan can express their opinion in a respectful way.

For the casual fan, I hope you see the game of baseball and the Cubs in a new light. Learn to love the game, and the Cubs, of course. Learning more about Wrigley Field, various Cubs traditions and seeing the fun side of the game is a great start.

To the novice who knows very little about the Cubs, you can find out how to get to Wrigley, what to do in the area. Wrigley Field is a neighborhood ballpark and the Cubs play more day games than other major league baseball teams. These are a few of the things that add to the charm of the area and the team making every game truly an event. To me, a trip to the Chicago area isn't complete without a trip to Wrigley Field.

A Few Popular Cubs Songs

Wrigley Photos outside of the stadium

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