2016 Chicago Cubs Convention

2016 Chicago Cubs Opening Ceremony on Friday at Cubs Convention

The Cubs Convention officially opens up at 1PM on Friday, but aside from visiting the many vendors at Cubs Convention, there isn't much else to do until the opening ceremonies that began at 6PM. The ballroom does not have enough seats for everyone in years where the event sells out and 2016 was a year that the Convention was sold out.

I got to the ballroom early, but made a mistake by standing to the far right where the Comcast stand for interviews was in the back of the ballroom. When they did allow people to sit down, the right side was still roped off because the far right aisle of seats is reserved for Cubs family and friends. For autograph seekers, standing where I did was not a bad option because as Cubs players and executive personnel walked right by all of us as they prepared to be interviewed. Opportunistic fans were able to take pictures and get autographs.

The opening ceremony began when Cubs announcer Pat Hughes announced all current and former Cubs players to the event.

2016 was the year that the Cubs brought back Ryne Sandberg after re-signing as manager of the Phillies.

Here is a video of the players being introduced and high fiving fans near the front of the stage.

Mystery Autograph Signing and Ryan Dempster at Cubs Convention on Day 1

An annual Cubs Convention tradition is the mystery signing on opening night. During the opening ceremony, an announcement will be made that various Cubs players and alumni will be signing autographs at designated areas around the hotel. I did not participate this year, but a few years ago, I met Dave Kingman and got his autograph.

Although, I did not stay for the entire event, this is the first time I've watched Ryan Dempster at Cubs Convention. Dempster, a former Cubs pitcher, is very funny and does a great imitation of legendary Cubs announcer, Harry Caray. Dempster does a late night style comedy routine where he tells jokes and interviews Cubs players and coaches. The interviews have some baseball information, some personal information about the players, but mostly a lot of comedy. I left in the middle of the interview with Jon Lester and John Lackey who will be reunited with the Cubs in 2016 after being Red Sox teammates in the past.

Coming Soon-Saturday at Cubs Convention