2013 Chicago Cubs Convention

Chicago Cubs Management Panel Discussion

Saturday at the Cubs Convention began with team owner, Tom Ricketts and other family members taking questions from the audience (no presentation).  As a dedicated Cubs fan, I often think this is the opportunity for Cubs fans to ask the difficult questions. Others like to share more personal moments or make a comment thanking the Ricketts
and the Cubs for what they do for the community.  Here a few of the highlights from this panel.

Tough questions
Someone did ask why the Cubs moved the convention to the Sheraton this year after holding the convention at the Hyatt for over 20 years.  The Cubs do now have an agreement with Starwood hotels to build a hotel near Wrigley Field so moving the convention to a Starwood hotel was understandable.  Although, one lady did not appreciate that the hotel
was rather restrictive on the cancellation policy that was worse than it was in years past at the Hyatt. 

One gentlemen brought up that he is disappointed that the era of Cubs history prior to the 1960's is very unrepresented at the Cubs Convention.  He specifically mentioned that when Phil Cavaretta passed away in 2012, there wasn't much attention paid to his place in Cubs history.  I will say that after visiting the Cubs Authentic's room, it does appear that the team is making an effort in this regard to give attention to the past and Cubs history (a few pitctures posted below).

Another Cubs fan was disappointed in how the move from Peoria to Kane County for the Cubs AA team was handled.  Tom Ricketts indicated that some of the media reports about how the Peoria's management team found about the change were not completely accurate.  Another fan suggested the Cubs should bring the Cubs Caravan downstate.

Other highlights:
One gentlemen wanted the Cubs to bring back playing "Go Cubs Go" and "The Star Spangled Banner" at the convention.

A Cubs fan in Freeport challenged the Cubs management team, in particular, Laura Ricketts to a Home Run Derby at the Wrigley Field replica stadium in Freeport.  Tom Ricketts said that he would bring Anthony Rizzo.

Tom Ricketts also had a funny story about a cab ride he took where the Russian cabbie said that Ricketts was "writing a great novel"

The panel with Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Randy Bush and Dale Sveum was not that bad.  A few decent bits of new information that came out of this panel (primarily a straight Q&A session). 

Theo Epstein was asked about being interviewed for Terry Francona's new book that was released shortly after the convention concluded.  Theo did not want to participate but sounded a bit obligated considering their time with the Boston Red Sox. 

Dale Sveum indicated that at present time, it appears that David Dejesus will be the Cubs centerfielder in 2013

Dale Sveum thinks that Anthony Rizzo will continue to develop into a leader in the Cubs clubhouse.

Jed Hoyer indicated the primary reason why the Cubs moved their AA affilitate from Peoria to Kane County (Geneva, IL) was proximity to  Wrigley (Chicago).

When the topic of the draft came up, the management team did not rule out the possibility that they may pick a non-pitcher with their #2 pick.  If so, you may see a similar strategy to this past year's draft where the Cubs selected pitchers on 8 consecutive picks after drafting Albert Almora wwith the team's first draft pick.  The #2 slot this year will also allow them more financial resources to spend on International players.

The proposed deal to send Carlos Marmol to the Angels for Dan Haren never was complete.  The management staff didn't seem to agree with the media reports that indicated it was a "botched" deal. 

Cubs Authentics room was another highlight of the Cubs Convention for me and certainly anyone else interested in Chicago Cubs History.  Here are original tickets from the 1938 World Series.