2013 Chicago Cubs Convention

Cubs Autographs and Cubs Authentics

Cubs Authentics
To show the teams commitment to the history of the game of baseball and the rich history of the cubs, the team had a room filled with old-time
memorabilia.  Of course the picture here is the old-time poem about the Cubs double play combo of Tinkers to Evers to Chance.   Cubs Authentics does offer appraisals and will accept donations if you have a great Cubs item you'd like to share.  I picked up their card, their offices are located in the Wrigley Field concourse behind home plate and they can be reached at 773-404-4753 or via email at CubsAuthentics@cubs.com.

Cubs Autographs
I am not a big autograph seeker, however at this years convention, I used the time between panels to get Jeff Russell's signature. Considering it
was for a good player on the Cubs but not one of the top players that get a lot of attention (Example:  Brett Jackson was signing at the same time
and I got there too late to get a voucher for his autograph).  How the voucher's worked at the 2013 Cubs Convention was that if you got to the place where the player is signing 10 minutes before the start time, you could wait in line to get a voucher that would guarantee that you would get the player's autograph (still having to wait in line, of course). 
I'm not certain of it will hold true for others, but at the 2013 Cubs Convention, Friday night was the best time for autograph seekers.
The only big presentation is the opening ceremony so you won't miss the panels with lots of Cubs talk about the upcoming season and there are Cubs players signing for every fan, you can find Ernie Banks, Cubs from the 80's like Steve Trout, current players like Darwin Barnery and up and coming Cubs prospects like Javier Baez and Josh Vitters.

Autograph Scavenger Hunt
The 2013 Cubs Convention had an interesting feature with players signing at undisclosed locations around the venue.  I noticed 2 excited kids after
getting Kerry wood's autograph.  From what I saw, this event seemed to be a big success.