2012 Cubs Highlights

   New Stars Emerge-Long-time Greats Honored

Ok, the Cubs 2012 season will go down as the one of the worst in team history.  Losing 101 games would not seem to indicate there were many highlights, however that is one of the great things about the game of baseball.  There always seems to be a handful of players doing great things and in the case of the 2012 Cubs, some longtime great players
getting some well deserved recognition.

Anthony Rizzo
The video clip below is actually a highlight clip for the first half of the season that includes Rizzo's first home run with the major league team.  Rizzo was originally a draft pick with the Boston Red Sox when both Theo Epstein and Jason McLeod were with the team.  They thought so highly of
the young first baseman that one of the first moves in the 2012 offseason was to bring him to the Cubs in a trade with the San Diego Padres.  Rizzo certainly emerged as a top player and part of what new management refers to as the "core" of the team meaning Rizzo should be part of the organization for many years to come. 

Brett Jackson
The Brett Jackson story was not as great as Rizzo's, but he did show signs of the type of player he could be.  One of those was a tremendous catch he made crashing into the centerfield wall.

Tony Campana
Tony Campana quickly became a favorite of Cubs fans for his hard
nosed style of play and great speed.  He didn't seem to fit into plans much for the team in 2013 so he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but plays like the clip below where he literally jumped over an attempted tag to slide safely into third will have him remembered fondly by many Cubs fans, myself included Good luck in AZ, Tony!!

Darwin Barney
The "moment" for Darwin Barney spans nearly the entire season.  Barney
broke the all-time Cubs record of consecutive errorless games at 2B previously held by Hall of Famer and fan favorite, Ryne Sandberg. 
In the clip below, Barney mentions that Sandberg texted him after
Barney passed "ryno".  Barney's accomplishment put him over the top
to win the vote for Gold Glove over multiple winner Brandon Phillips,
who is stil a very good defender at 2B.  Congratulation's Darwin

Kerry Wood
Kid K threw his last pitch with the Cubs in May of 2012.  Wood's career
with the Cubs has been both spectacular (as a rookie he tied the ML
record for strikeouts in one game (20)) and rather disappointing with
injuries that forced him into the bullpen, first as a closer and than
as a setup man.  The Cubs sent Wood out in classy style by making sure
his last batter was a strikeout and letting his son be there in the
dugout to greet his dad as he left the mound at Wrigley for the final time.
Thanks for the memories, Kerry.

Ron Santo Hall of Fame/Vicki Santo's Hall of Fame speech
Ron Santo's long awaited call to the Hall of Fame finally occurred in 2012. 
Sadly, the great Cubs 3B, announcer and perhaps all-time Cubs fan favorite passed away before receiving this honor.  HIs wife vicki gave a very moving and inspirational Hall of Fame speech discussing what the game meant to Ronnie, his love for the Cubs and his long time struggle with diabetes even while he was playing at an extremely high level.  Ron Santo certainly has his well respected place in Chicago Cubs history. 

2012 Cubs Highlights