1918 World Series

Boston Red Sox vs Chicago Cubs

Babe Ruth & Carl Mays win all 4 games of the Series (yes, Babe Ruth as a pitcher) as the Red Sox defeat the Cubs 4 games to 2.   This Series was dominated by pitching.  In fact, the Cubs actually outscored the Red Sox 10-9 in the 6 game series. 

Cubs management decided to play their home games in Comiskey Park rather than Weeghman Field (present day Wrigley Field) to take
advantage of higher seating capacity.

Septmeber 5, 1918

Game 1, World Series
Game 1 of World Series.  Babe Ruth and the Red Sox defeat the Cub and Hippo Vaughn 1-0 at Comiskey Park.  The Cubs used Comiskey because the stadium had a higher seating capacity than Weeghman Park (Wrigley Field).

September 6, 1918

Game 2, World Series
The 1918 World Series was dominated by pitching.  The Cubs Lefty Tyler pitched a complete game giving up just one run as Cubs defeated the Red Sox 3-1 at Comiskey Park to tie the Series at 1 games for each team.

September 7, 1918

Game 3, World Series
A Cubs home game at Comiskey park for Game 3 of the World Series.  Carl Mays of the Red Sox allows just one run to the Cubs as the Red Sox defeat the Cubs 2-1.  Hippo Vaughn gets his 2nd loss of the Series despite giving up just 3 runs in 2 games.  Red Sox lead Series 2 games to 1.

Game 3 of the 1918 World Series came to an end when the Cubs,  Charlie Pick was caught in a rundown between third base and home plate, failing to score on a passed ball, in a 2-1 Chicago loss to the Boston Red Sox.  Pick, a late season addition to the Cubs,  went on to bat .389 for the Series, leading the Cubs in hits. 

September 9, 1918

Game 4, World Series
The 1918 World Series moves to Boston as Babe Ruth wins his 2nd game of the Series as he pitches 8 innings and drives in 2 runs in the game with a triple. 

Red Sox take a 3 games to 1 lead in the 1918 World Series.

September 10, 1918

Game 5, World Series
After losing 2 games despite pitching well, Cubs pitcher Hippo Vaughn helps keeps the Cubs hopes in the World Series alive pitching a 5-hit shutout over Red Sox as Cubs defeat Red Sox 3-0 at Fenway Park.  Red Sox lead the Series 3 games to 2.

Septmeber 11, 1918

Game 6, World Series
The Red Sox defeat the Cubs 2-1 at Fenway Park to win the World Series 4 games to 2 over the Cubs. 

Carl Mays picks up his 2nd victory of the Series and between him & Babe Ruth, they throw 3 complete games, giving up just 4 runs in a Series dominated by pitching.  The Cubs actually outscored the Red Sox in the 6 game Series 10-9, but Red Sox win 4 games while the Cubs just win 2.