1907 World Series

Chicago Cubs Win the World Series

Cubs pitching dominated this series, giving up just 6 runs to the Tigers in 5 games.  And 3 of those runs really didn't count as they were in game 1.  A game that ended in a tie after 12 innings with the score tied 3-3. 

the Cubs do not lose a game in the Series and defeat the Detroit Tigers for a World Series championship.

October 8, 1907
 Game 1, World Series

This game ends up in a tie game 3-3 after 12 innings due to darkness.  The game is not suspended or completed.

October 9, 1907
 Game 2, World Series
 Jack Pfeister piches a complete game as Cubs defeat Tigers 3-1 to take a 1-0 lead in the 1907  World Series.

October 10, 1907
 Game 3, World Series
Ed Reulbach gives up just six hits as Cubs defeat Tigers 5-1 to take a 2-0 lead in Ws

October 11, 1907
 Game 4, World Series
Cubs win 6-1 win in Detroit to go up 3-0 . Orval Overall 5 hitter and drove in 2 runs

October 12, 1907
 Game 5, World Series

3 Finger Brown pitches 7 hit shutout to close out Cubs WS victory 2-0. Cubs sweep  tigers to win WS.