This Day in Chicago Cubs History

March 22 to 24
A few Cubs birthday's this week.

March 22
Happy birthday to Dexter Fowler and Glenallen Hill
Dexter Fowler

Anyone remember this home run by Glenallen HIll?

March 24

Happy birthday to former Cub, Starlin Castro.

Do you remember his debut with the Cubs?

Starlin Castro Debut

February 25: Many Cubs birthdays:
Cubs Hall of Famer, Ron Santo

Current Cubs outfielder, Jorge Soler

Andy Pafko
Pafko spent 9 of his 17 seasons with the Cubs primarily as an outfielder, but did play 3B one season. Pafko was a 4-time a ll-star with the team (1947-1950) with his best season being 1948 when he hit 26 HR's 101 RBI and a .312 batting average. Pafko's efforts helped the Cubs get to the 1945 World Series and he won a World Series championship with the Milwaukee Braves in 1957.

Former Cubs announcer, Bob Brenly

Ed Lynch
Ed Lynch pitched 2 seasons for the Cubs (1986-1987) compiling a 9-14 record and a 3.91 ERA as both a starting pitcher and relief pitcher.

In 1995, he replaced Larry Himes as General Manager of the Cubs. In his tenure from 1995-2000, Lynch only produced one winning season for the team, but it was a great one, the 1998 season that saw the Cubs win 90 games and make a playoff appearance. He was replaced as Cubs GM by Andy MacPhail on 7/19/2000.

Cubs Offseason Awards
Cubs had a great offseason for awards. Kris Bryant was named NL Rookie of the Year, Joe Maddon won NL Manager of the Year and Jake Arrieta won the Cy Young award.

Joe Maddon
Cubs Cy Young Award Winners
Cubs NL Rookie of the Year Award Winners

The Cubs had a great 2015 with an NLDS Series victory, the first ever at Wrigley Field before losing to the Mets 4 games to 0 in the NLCS

The NLDS victory over the Cardinals was truly incredible. So many heroes and so many home runs. Here is a couple of great videos that recap game 3 and 4 of the NLDS.
Game 3 Recap

Game 4 Recap

Fan Duel

What a great way to end the 2015 Regular season at Wrigley Field.  The Cubs had already clinched a playoff berth, but still playing for a better playoff position. They have a great pitcher's duel with the AL 2014 Champion, Kansas City Royals, who have also secured a 2015 playoff position as well.  With the score tied 0-0 in the 11th inning, Chris Denorfia hits his 2nd walk-off hit of the year.  A pinch hit walk off home run that has been reported as the first ever pinch hit walk off home run in a 1-0 game in MLB history. 

 If you like this clip, here are more walk off Cubs victories in 2015:


2015 Cubs Walk-off victories


Cubs History Blog
The Cubs History Blog takes current Cubs topics and relate them to things that have happened in Chicago Cubs History.
A few of the longest home runs of 2011 came against the Cubs.
A few of the longest home runs came in Cubs games with Matt Garza giving up a long one to Michael Morse in Wrigley. Rodrigo Lopez gave up a shot to Juan Francisco
Cubs rumors. Who will be the new cubs manager in 2012?
Cubs Rumors. Who will be the new Cubs manager in 2011? Who will play first base? Will Adam Dunn be hitting HR's on the northside of Chicago in 2011?
Fantasy baseball related to current Cubs players.
Who are the best fantasy players for the 2016 Cubs team? Watching a team so closely gives you an insight into which players are best for your fantasy team. Here are the best Cubs this year.
Cubs uniform numbers. Which number could be retired next?
Cubs uniform numbers. Ryne Sandberg #23, Ernie Banks #14 and much more. What are the chances that Jeff Gray gives up #34 to Kerry Wood?
Cubs History Today newsletter
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Chicago Cubs by month January. One of the slowest months of the year.
Chicago Cubs by month. Cubs get important players like Ryne Sandberg and Rod Beck
Chicago Cubs by Month-February, a slow baseball month
Chicago Cubs by month. The month of February sees trades like Sammy Sosa being sent to the Orioles for Mike Fontenot and others. The Bartman ball is destroyed.
This day in Chicago Cubs History. What happened in the month of March.
March is a slow baseball month, but there were some historic Cubs happenings with Andre Dawson's blank check, A Cubs World Tour ends in Dublin, Ireland and an important Cubs trade in 1984.
Chicago Cubs by month. The month of April is filled with many opening day feats
Chicago Cubs by month. In the month of April, many great Chicago Cubs moments. Kerry Wood's cubs debut and many others.
Chicago Cubs by month-May.
Chicago Cubs by month-May. Kerry Wood strikes out 20 and much more..
Chicago Cubs by month-June. Many moments from eventual playoff teams
Chicago Cubs by month-June moments in Cubs History. The Sandberg game, Sandberg hits 2 game tying home runs off future Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter.
Chicago Cubs by Month-July. Pennant races, Sammy Sosa and more.
Chicago Cubs by Month-July. Greg Maddux gets his first shutout, Lee Smith his first hit, a home run and All-Star games at Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs by Month-August, pennant chases in full swing.
Chicago Cubs by Month-August. Ken Holtzman's no-hitter, Billy Williams 2,000 hit and much more.
Chicago Cubs by month-September. Hack Wilson HR record and more.
Chicago Cubs by Month-September. Hack Wilson HR and RBI record, Cubs Red Sox 1918 World Series
Chicago Cubs by month-October. Yes, there are Chicago Cubs World Series games.
Chicago Cubs by Month. The month of October includes World Series games, the famous curse of the Billy Goat and Babe Ruths called shot at Wrigley
Chicago Cubs by month-November. Managers hired and cub awards
Chicago Cubs by Month-November. No baseball in November, but Cubs hire managers Lou piniella and dusty Baker. Ernie Banks and Andre Dawson win MVP awards
Chicago Cubs by month-December. the Hot Stove league Cubs trades Cubs rumors
Chicago Cubs by Month. The Hot Stove league in full effect. Cubs trades, cubs rumors and cub free agent signings.
Cubs history, a quick look at each decade in Cubs history
Cubs history by decade, from the 1908 Cubs World Series victory to Hack Wilson, The Cubs of the 60s with Ernie Banks and Ron Santo to Starlin Castro and today's Cubs.
Cubs history, 1800s. Larry Corcoran no-hitters
Cubs history, 1800's, cap anson, larry corcoran West Side Grounds
Cubs history, 1900's, The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions
Cubs history-1900's. The 1908 Cubs are the last to win the World Series. Tinkers to Evers to Chance.
Cubs history, 1910, Weeghman Park, currently known as Wrigley Field is built.
Cubs history, 1910's. Weeghman Park is built by Charles Weeghman. the name changed to Wrigley Field after William Wrigley takes over the team.
Cubs history, 1920s. Weeghman Park name changed to Wrigley Field
Cubs history, 1920's. Weeghman Park name change to Wrigley Field. Cubs trade Rogers Hornsby, Cubs lose 1929 World Series to A's
Cubs history 1930s, Babe Ruth's called shot, Hack Wilson
Cubs history 1930's. Babe Ruth's called shot and Hack Wilson's HR and RBI records. Cubs lose World Series in 1932, 1935 and 1938.
Cubs history 1940s, 1945 Chicago Cubs, Curse of the Billy Goat
Cubs history 1940s, 1945 Chicago Cubs, 1945 World Series, the Curse of the billy goat
Cubs history 1950s, Ernie Banks makes his debut with the Cubs
Cubs history 1950s. Ernie Banks makes his Cubs debut. So does the Rifleman, Chuck Conners.
Cubs history 1960s, Fergie Jenkins, Banks, Williams and Santo
Cubs history 1960s, A lot of great Cubs teams that always came up short. Jenkins, Williams, Banks and Santo among many other great Cubs
Cubs history 1970s, Ernie Banks 500th HR, Madlock and Hooten no-hitter
Cubs history 1970s. Not a good decade for the Cubs, but Ernie Banks hits his 500th HR, Madlock a batting title and Burt Hooten pitches a no-hitter.
Cubs history 1980s, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux and Lee Elia
Cubs history 1980s, Andre Dawson signs a blank check, Greg Maddux wins the Cy Young and leaves for the Atlanta Braves and Lee Elia's famous tirade.
Cubs history 1990s, Sammy Sosa, Harry Carey and Kerry Wood
Cubs history 1990s, Sammy Sosa trade with White Sox, Kerry Woods debut and the death of Harry Carey
Cubs history 2000s, 2003 Chicago Cubs, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and Bartman
Chicago Cubs history, 2000's. Chicago Cubs 2003 are within 5 outs of a World Series until the Bartman incident. Kerry Wood, Sammy Sosa and much more.
Great Chicago Cubs players through the years. Who is your favorite?
Great Chicago Cubs players through the years. From CAp Anson to Phil Cavaretta, Hank Sauer, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo to Starlin Castro today!
Ryne Sandberg one of the best and favorite Chicago Cub Players of all time.
Ryne Sandberg is one of best Cubs players of all time leading the team to the playoffs multiple time and being elected to Hall of Fame in 2005.
Ryan Theriot, a long time Cubs fan favorite
Ryan Theriot has always been a Cubs fan favorite. An appreciated player because of his hustle and very active in the Chicago community while with the Cubs.
Cubs owners over the years. Ricketts, Wrigley, Weeghman and others
Cubs owners over the years. PK Wrigley the Tribune Company and much more.
Ron Santo. A long-time Cubs favorite both as a 3B and announcer.
Ron Santo will be missed by Cubs fan. A long-time great Cubs player who was inspiration to many with his struggle with diabetes. Santo was one of the most well known announcer after his playing days
The 1908 Chicago Cubs. Cubs win the 1908 World Series
The 1908 Chicago Cubs are the last Cubs team to win the World Series. The 1908 World Series was quick but the 1908 Cubs had to battle the Giants and Pirates in an exciting race.
The 1945 Chicago Cubs. Tigers defeat the Cubs in the 1945 World Series
The 1945 Chicago Cubs are the last Cubs team to make it to the World Series. The most memorable part of the 1945 World Series is the Curse of the Billy Goat.
Chicago Cubs Trivia. Which Cub stole 5 bases and had 3 triples in a single game
Chicago Cubs Trivia. Which Cub stole 5 bases and had 3 triples in a single game. A great Cubs infield. A slugger who couldn't hit a grand slam and the last time the Cubs were no-hitted.
Cubs Poll Questions. The Ricketts Family, Girardi or Sandberg, Kerry Wood
Cubs Poll Questions, Will Ricketts make Cubs winners, Kerry Wood as a Yankee, Girardi or Sandberg
Cubs curse, Bartman, 1969 black cat, curse of the billy goat
Cubs curse. Steve Bartman, 1969 black cat and the curse of the billy goat.
My chicago cubs memories. Some of the best games I've been to and remember.
My favorite chicago cubs memories for both games that I have been to and just remember well. Even threw in a Mariner's and olympic moment.
The home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field. A historic baseball park.
Wrigley Field has been the home of the Chicago Cubs since 1916. Find out about some historic moments at this longtime, beloved home of the Chicago Cubs.
The Cubs Spring training site is hohokam stadium in Mesa, Arizona
The Cubs Spring Training site is hohokam stadium located in Mesa, Arizona nearby Phoenix and Tuscon. Learn more about the stadium, how to get spring training tickets and more.
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown for the 2000s
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown. Here are a few of the best Cub openers in the year 2000 and beyond.
A long time Cubs tradition. The singing of Take Me Out to the Ballgame
A few memorable moments of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" sung at the 7th inning stretch by such famous celebrities like Mike Ditka, Eddie Vedder and Vince Vaughn.
Hello Cubs fans. This is the page about your webmaster and about this site.
Hey Cubs fans, here is the page about me and what I want this site to be for everyone.
Aramis Ramirez. Great Cubs 3B from 2003 to 2011
Aramis Ramirez has been one of the best Cubs 3B of all time. His Cubs career ended after signing a three year deal with NL central rivals Milwaukee Brewers.
Cubs songs, the music at Wrigley.
Many Cubs songs. One of the Cubs recent tradition is playing the song "Go Cubs Go" after a Cubs victory at Wrigely Field
Kerry Wood has become one of the best and all time favorite Cubs players.
Kerry Wood will go down as one of the best pitchers in Cubs history and one of the bigger fan favorites.
Bob Costas interviews Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg
A very interesting tidbits from Bob Costas' interview with the Hawk, Ryno and Fergie. 3 Cubs Hall of Famer's.
A few great Wrigley photos. Enjoy!!
A few great photos around the outside of Wrigley Field. Big thanks to Logan Futej with 20K films for braving a cool October morning to take these photos.
The Wrigley Field Scoreboard. One of the charms of the old-time stadium.
The Wrigley Field Scoreboard is one of many old-time traditions that make Wrigley Field such a special place. Installed in 1937 by Bill Veeck
the history of the Ivy on the outfield walls at Wrigley Field.
In 1937, William Veeck renovated the bleachers at Wrigley Field to include the Ivy that still grows today (2011) at Wrigley Field.
Bill Madlock, a very short but eventful career in Chicago Cubs history
Bill Madlock in his short career with the Chicago Cubs won 2 batting titles for the team in just 3 years with the team. A great final day in 1976 wins the title from Ken Griffey Sr.
The Ron Santo Statue outside of Wrigley Field
The Ron Santo statue location is just outside of Wrigley Field near the right field bleachers. See the ron santo statue dedication and unveiling
Billy Williams Statue. Dedicated on September 7, 2010
Billy Williams Statue dedication on September 7, 2010. A great Cubs player, teammate and Hall of Famer.
The Ernie Banks Statue outside of Wrigley Field. Mr Cub
The Ernie Banks Statue at Wrigley Field has it's location at the entrance of Wrigley near the scoreboard and the Will Call ticket office.
Harry Caray Statue outside of Wrigley Field at corner of Sheffield and Addison
The Harry Caray Statue is a tribute to late, great Cubs announcer. Located near the Wrigley Field bleacher's so that Cubs fans can remember the beloved announcer.
The 2012 Cubs Convention. A great learning experience.
The 2012 Cubs Convention was a great learning experience on what to do and tips to get the most of everything the cubs convention has to offer.
Ernie Banks videos, quotes and trivia. Mr Cub
A few Ernie Banks videos, slogans and some Cubs trivia. What was significant about May 8, 1973?
Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois, was a Cubs fan and announced Cubs games
Ronald Reagan Cubs fan and announcer. One of Reagan's early jobs even before he went to Hollywood was announcing Cubs games on a Des Moines, Iowa radio station.
Ned Williamson-the single season home run leader before Babe Ruth
Old time Chicago White Stockings (team name ultimately Chicago Cubs), Ned Williamson at one time held the single season HR record until Babe Ruth hit 29 HR's in 1919
Wrigley Field History 1910 to 1919
The early days of Wrigley Field formerly known as Weeghman Park. Wrigley Field History from the 1910's
Andre Dawson offers the Cubs a "blank check
Andre Dawson wanted to play for the Cubs that he gave them a "Blank Check".
Andre Dawson, the "Hawk". A great Cubs player and a Hall of Famer
Andre Dawson, the "Hawk" one of the best Chicago Cubs of all-time and Hall of Famer
Chicago Cubs opening day countdown. Great chicago Cubs openers in the 1960's
The Chicago Cubs opening day countdown begins with a few great Chicago cubs opening days in the 1960's.
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown. The 1970's
Chicago Cubs opening day countdown, the 1970's had a few interesting beginning to the seasons even if the team did not do well in this era
Wrigley Field Los Angeles. The West coast version of Wrigley.
Wrigley Field Los Angeles was built by William K Wrigley Jr for the PCL, Los Angeles Angels.
Opening Day Countdown for the 1980's
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown for the best Cubs openers in the 1980's. Which is your favorite Chicago Cubs opening game?
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown. A few great Cubs openers in the 1990s
Chicago Cubs Opening Day Countdown. A few great Cubs openers in the 1990s from Tuffy Rhodes to Jeff Blauser
The Chicago Cubs open up the 2012 season.
Chicago Cubs April 2012 weekly updates. Opening Day 2012 and much more.
Chicago Cubs 2012 Home Opener is a dream come true for one family
the Chicago Cubs 2012 Home Opener was a dream come true for one family that got the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.
Marlon Byrd, a tough hard-nosed Chicago Cub
Marlon Byrd will always be one of my favorite Chicago Cubs for his hard-nosed type of play. Wish him well with the Red Sox
Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game was on May 6, 1998.
Kerry Wood 20 strikeouts game was on May 6, 1998. People tend to forget that this game was also nearly a no-hitter as Wood gave up just one hit and walked no one in the game.
Kerry Wood announces his retirement. A few moments in Kerry Wood's Cub career
Kerry Wood retires from baseball and the Chicago Cubs on Friday, May 18, 2012. A few great moments in his Cubs career, his 20 strikeout game and his home run in the 2003 playoffs.
Chicago Crosstown Classic. The Cubs versus the White Sox
The Chicago Crosstwon Classic is the Cubs vs White Sox rivalry. Since 1997, the Cubs and Sox have played regular season games. A little about the history, some stats and videos to relive this series
Dave Kingman, an all-time Cub favorite who hit long home runs!
Dave Kingman will always been known as one of the more legendary home run hitter with the Cubs.
Wrigley Rooftops. Watch a Cubs game from a rooftop
Wrigly Rooftops is truly one of the unique aspects of the Cubs and Wrigley Field. Being a neighborhood community, there are many buildings behind Wrigley to watch the game from.
Celebrate 100 years at Wrigley with the Top 25 Games at Wrigley.
As I was looking through great games at Wrigley, 3 primary themes came to mind, how great was the game for Cubs fans, how historic and how memorable. Hope you like this list.
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